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Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Vancouver, Canada


Hey! I'm Christine, owner of Nutrition For Success. I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist + Health Coach - specializing in digestive health, detoxification, anti-aging, and weight management. I focus on keeping it SIMPLE + SUSTAINABLE for your busy life.

~I feel good, when you feel good~ :)

Christine’s Reviews

Active B12 for Key Metabolic Functions

Did you know that not all b12 supplements are created equal? The most common form you’ll see is Cyanocobalamin. This form is inexpensive BUT that’s because it’s synthetic, less effective, and contains cyanide.  Hopefully the one you’re taking is Methylcobalamin (or active B-12)…. This is a form of the vitamin...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Manage Stress with Ashwagandha

It’s not necessarily the amount of stress we have in our lives, it’s HOW WE MANAGE that stress that matters.  It’s pretty certain that the majority of us feel stressed in some way. Chronic stress can take a serious toll on our relationships, productivity, happiness, and even your health.  Sometimes...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Love Your Liver 🤍

Milk thistle has been a part of my liver-care regime for a long time, because let’s face it, I’m a bit of a wine lover….  The liver is an extraordinary organ in the body. It functions to breakdown, sweep and eliminate toxins from your blood. It’s important to eat a...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Keep Calm and L-Theanine

When it comes to keeping your anxiety at bay, there’s one amino acid that probably doesn’t get enough attention. It’s called L-Theanine and it’s found in green and black tea leaves, as well as some mushrooms.  On its own, l-theanine can promote relaxation , ease stress and anxiety, and help...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Gut Health Essential ⭐️

Prebiotics are not the same as Probiotics, however they do work together synergistically - meaning, when combined, they work better at making our gastrointestinal tract healthy. Here’s how:  ⭐️ PROBIOTICS are the live organisms in our gut that we often refer to as “good bacteria”. This powerful army of diverse...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC


A few gummies can really brighten your day 🌈 ☀️…. So why not fuel the urge with gummies that are actually GOOD for you!?!  I recently started taking these multivitamin gummies that are specially formulated for women (don’t worry, there are men and kid formulas too!).  Quality is not spared...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Easily Absorbed + Naturally Flavoured B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for your health. This is because it helps your body form red blood cells (which carry oxygen throughout your body), protects your DNA, and supports your nervous system - some pretty major jobs! We get this essential vitamin in the foods we eat, such as meat...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Great Tasting Immunity Gummies

We’re told the flu is expected to return this year, so it’s extra important that focus on our immune health.  Benemax immune gummies are a simple and tasty way to support our immune systems by offering high potency doses of Echinacea and Elderberry (which are both anti-microbial and immune stimulating),...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Your Brain-Buddy Bacopa

Bacopa Brain ~ for memory + mood support 🧠😌 In my busy workdays, there’s no room for forgetting anything. I need to stay task-focused, calm, and on-the-ball.  Bacopa helps support this by optimizing my cognitive function, stress tolerance and overall performance.  It’s been used for centuries in traditional, Ayurveda and...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Rocket Fuel for the Brain

One of my all-time fave mushrooms is called Lion’s Mane 🦁 — it has a few different names but if you check out how it looks/grows, it’s quite clear how it got this name. 😊 This mushroom is considered a ‘gourmet’ food and is a popular seafood substitute for vegans...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

RHODIOLA does it all

🌿 RHODIOLA 🌿 Rhodiola is an uplifting adaptogen, so tends to help with those feelings of exhaustion, burnout, and lack of motivation. It’s known for increasing energy, improving mental + physical stamina and for building resistance to stress by providing adrenal support.  When your body perceives it's under stress, your...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Chewable Probiotic for the WHOLE FAM!

70% or more of our immune system is found in our gut. Probiotics are the HEALTHY BACTERIA 🦠 that sustain and strengthen our immune system - keeping pathogens at bay. HEALTHFIRST offers a new line called Family First and has a great probiotic choice for the WHOLE FAM (including children...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Tasty Meal in Minutes!

If you’re busy and constantly on the go, and you want a fast meal but you don’t want fast food, then I recommend trying Ready Meal Konjac Rice from Ecoideas. I tried the Yellow Lentil Curry and the flavour was impressive! It also left me feeling satisfied because of the...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Powerful Pigment for your health! ❤️

There’s the side of me that doesn’t love eating beets, then there’s the side of me that KNOWS the deep red pigment packs a ton of nutrition & health benefits.... So if you’re like me, I have some real exciting news!!! I FOUND A SOLUTION!! 👏🏼 ❤️ @myhealthology Red Beet...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC


Just like the earth’s ecosystem, think of your gut in the same way. They both involve a delicate balance of microorganisms to thrive.  Your gut microbiome is a community of about 100 trillion microorganisms living in the environment of the human gut.  Maintaining a stable and diverse balance of these...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Vegan + Carrageenan-free CLA 🌱

The fatty acid that actually helps you lose fat, is there even such a thing? Let me introduce conjugated linoleic acid, also known as CLA. CLA is related to the Omega 6 fatty acids group andoccurs naturally in meat and dairy foods, such as beef, whole milk and eggs. It...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Powerful Antioxidant for Anti-Aging

I think most of us have heard of antioxidants before; some probably even know of the benefits antioxidants provide us, but I want to get into a little more detail and explain what eating an antioxidant rich diet and including a dietary supplement, like GenZogenol, can do for you in...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Luxurious + Ultra-hydrating Hand Soap

I’ve really become picky with my hand soap this past year. I don’t know about you but when I’m washing my hands, I want those 20+ seconds to feel luxurious, fresh and invigorating. I want my hands left feeling soft, clean and supple – without any itchy residue. I also...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Versatile + Delicious Superfood 🤎

Wintertime calls for COCONUT CACAO SNOWBALLS ❄️❄️❄️ I made these yummy Coconut Cacao Snowballs using all vegan and GF ingredients as well as a high-quality cacao powder instead of cocoa powder. Although cacao and cocoa are derived from the same plant and both contain nutritional benefits, cocoa is processed with...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Non-Drying Hand Sanitizer

We are almost 10 months into this pandemic and I swear I’ve tried ALL the hand sanitizers!! I must say, some are damn right horrible and feel like they’re going to burn right through my skin. Something I’ve learned about myself this year is that I have some absolute MUSTS...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Anti-Aging NAD+ Presursor

Anti-aging supplements work to restore functional proteins and chromosomes and/or to utilize antioxidants to prevent the oxidation that results in the damage in the first place. One of the most effective known anti-aging molecules is called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD. Pricera is a NAD+ precursor compound of D-Ribose, Niacinamide...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Low GI Sugar Alternative!

For our holiday baking this year, we replaced any and all white processed sugar with @livafoods date sugar – this means HEALTHIER TREATS!! YAY!! 👏🏼 💚 For your reference, the substitution ratio is 1:1. If you like things a bit sweeter, use 1.25 tsp of date sugar to 1 tsp...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

All Natural Toothpaste 🌱

Some ingredients in standard non-natural toothpaste is harmful. Most people’s reaction is “well it’s not like I’m eating it” ....but guess again... regardless of swallowing or not, these ingredients are absorbed into your bloodstream through the oral mucosa (membrane that lines your mouth). One of the most common toothpaste ingredients...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Improved Digestion + Nutrient Absorption

As you know I’m all about GUT HEALTH. My personal gut-healing journey completely leveled-up my life and the way I feel in so many ways! 💚😊 One of the key players for me in this journey has always been digestive enzymes. I’ve been using them for a long time now...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC