Nicole Luczak

Toronto, Ontario

I'm a Holistic Nutritionist Student, and massive foodie!

My goal is to start at the bottom (with our children) and help them grow and nourish with the right tools they need! 

I'm an avid outdoors girl, and love weight training! 






Such a HIGH quality product!

I know that some people find the price to be a bit higher, but it is SO worth it! I find I need to use much LESS salt when I use this one because of the quality! And their a CANADIAN brand so I'm all about supporting that!!! 
by Nicole Luczak

SO Addicting!

Coconut Oil is a staple in our household, and I love that this one is raw and cold-pressed. I recently had my cousin use some of this on his sunburn because he was silly and didn't use enough sun protection - he loved it! It moisurized his skin and made...
by Nicole Luczak

GREAT Addition to your morning Coffee or Afternoon Tea!

I have been loving adding this to my morning coffee! I don't have coffee every day, but this is such an easy way to get collagen into your diet! A LOT of people drink coffee every morning, so it just makes sense! Much easier than using a powder!! :) There is...

The ONLY bar I consume now!

Hands down the BEST bars - EVER! I have a very hard time digesting protein bars and I was so unbelievably excited when I didn’t have that issue with these! I’m a runner and often times I’m not into having a post workout shake so I always grab one of...
by Nicole Luczak

Toddler Approved!

My husband and I take the liquid in lemon, or the Omeago-3 Liquid soft gels and decided it was time for our little guy to start taking some Omegas! Afterall, their little brains grown so much when their little! We chose the bubblegum flavour and my little loves it! Highly...
by Nicole Luczak


I LOVED this! It's always hard for me to make stiry fry's etc.. because a lot of the ones on the market are not gluten free. This one is amazing! The taste is amazing, and you honestly can't tell the difference! Definately will be a staple in my pantry/fridge from...
by Nicole Luczak

Sweet with the RIGHT kind of sugar!

This was a HUGE hit in our house! My little guy is obsessed with Ketchup, as I'm sure most parents would say the same thing... and so I always feel guilty allowing him to consumer the conventional kind. This has made me feel MUCH better about allowing him to consume...
by Nicole Luczak

In Queso-You Didn't Know....

The BEST tasting! Decided to try making my own dairy free queso, and it was such a HUGE hit! Such a creamy taste, and easy to work with! Check out my instagram post if you want a super tasty recipe to try with it! 
by Nicole Luczak

The BEST way to start your morning!

I have been using this product in my morning elixir for months now, and honestly can't go without it now! It's the first thing I consume when I wake up in the mornings! I mix about a Tablespoon into some cold water, with a squeeze of fresh lemon and some...
by Nicole Luczak

A delicious, slightly salty addition!

I'm a big fan of snacking on seaweed, and so is my little guy, so I was excited to see this item in such a compact little shaker! We recently tried it ontop of our salad (which I didn't tell the husband originally for fear he'd curl his nose at...
by Nicole Luczak

Wasn't the biggest fan sadly...

I've always been intrigued by jackfruit as a meatless option, and sadly my first experience wasn't the greatest as I had purchased something from the store and really didn't like the texture. I decided to give this a try and make some myself, however, I still was not a fan...
by Nicole Luczak

A STAPLE in my panty

These are seriously a staple in my pantry and have been for ages now. I LOVE Hemp Hearts! They're such an easy way to add so much nutrition to your meals (smoothies, granola, salads, yogurt etc..) Energy Balls and Smoothie bowls are my fav! My son LOVES to just eat them...
by Nicole Luczak

The Best Way to consume Turmeric!

This is a very easy way to consume turmeric! I usually take them in capsule form, and hate using fresh turmeric because it's a bit of a pain to peel and grate. I added this to my smoothies and it was perfect. This will be a staple in my pantry! 
by Nicole Luczak

AMAZING Moisturizer! HIGHLY Recommend!

You guys. I LOVE this stuff! Initially I thought it was going to be too thick for Summer use, however, once it's rubbed in, your skin feels silky smooth without the greasy feeling!! Sadly when it's summertime, I suffer from really dry feet (because of all the sandals I wear), and...
by Nicole Luczak

Clean Cleansing Wipes

I got these thinking I would use them to take the makeup off my face on those evenings when I'm just really tired because of all the summer activities, however, I really don't like the smell of them so I can't see myself using these on my face unfortunately. I will...
by Nicole Luczak

I LOVE a good Natural Face Cleanser!

I've been on the search for a great all natural facial cleanser so I was excited to give this one a try! I was pleasantly surprised at the smell! It was quite refreshing :) It seemed to do a good job at taking off all my makeup which doesn't often...
by Nicole Luczak

DITCH the Sugar and still ENJOY your Summer treats!

Yup! That's right! You can ditch your sugar addiction, but still enjoy some summer treats! Stevia can be used in pretty much everything you normally would use sugar in - WITHOUT the horrible affects that sugar does to our bodies. When I found out that my own mother was pre-diabetic, I KNEW...

The BEST Smoothie Bowl Addition!

It's almost Summertime here, and you know what that means? Typically it means everyone around me gets to enjoy ice cream and frozen desserts, and I get left out.... Not anymore! I recently threw together the most undeniably delicious Red Smoothie Bowl that was so thick and delicious, I felt as though...
by Nicole Luczak

The BEST packaged Dressing around!

I can't say enough good things about this Fody Oh So Fresh Garden Herb Dressing! It's been such a saviour for our family these past couple of weeks. We have so much going on, and while my preference is to make my own dressing from scratch, we just haven't had...
by Nicole Luczak

Earth's most Nutrient Rich Superfood!

While I'm not a fan of the smell of Moringa, I absolutely LOVE all that it stands for, and the benefits you get are just amazing. Moringa contains 92+ nutrients, 46 different antioxidants, 18 amino acids and a whole range of vitamins and minerals. It's like a super multivitamin in a...
by Nicole Luczak

Nature's Candy!

Dates have so many great health benefits! They're high in fibre, high in iron/manganese, zinc and sulphur... oh, and their nature's candy! Yummm... Adding these to your baking, or snacking on them will help aid digestion (acting like a broom), great to increase lactation for breast feeding ladies, good for...
by Nicole Luczak


Eating your greens and getting proper sleep is a huge factor in our skins appearance, however, COLLAGEN is literally a game changer! Your skin will literally glow!! Add this to your morning coffee (Yum!), in your smoothies, bake with it... get creative! It dissolves nicely, and has no taste. Helps reduce joint...
by Nicole Luczak

Fibroids, Ovarian cysts, Infertiity, Thyroid...

A lot of those conditions are hormonally driven, therefore we need to be cleansing our livers and ensuring their as healthy as can be! I personally take this product, and recommend for anyone who is looking to assist your liver and keep yourself staying hormonally balanced! 

The perfect treat without the added sugars!

I HIGHLY recommend these delicious chocolate morsels! I use these in ALL of my baking, as well as snack on them if I feel that chocolate craving coming on. I love how little sugar there is (but you'd never be able to tell) so I don't feel bad giving them...
by Nicole Luczak