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Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Port Dover, ON


I love food. I love science. I love putting them together to elevate and celebrate health. I love applying the science of nutrition to enhance your 'bite'! I'm your food geek!

Sadly, our food can't quite get us to optimal health all of the time -- sometimes it needs some zhushing!!

With my degree in Foods and Nutrition from Ryerson University and 20+ years in the health food industry exploring nutraceutical solutions, I've spent A LOT of that time researching and then applying that research!! Needless to say, I've worked with MANY nutraceuticals and functional foods!

You will find me as the product educator and nutraceuticals trainer for the very awesome distribution company, Hedley Nutritionals! Check out our social media pages on FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn!

I'm also a VERY proud mom to a VERY fabulous and busy toddler! Who, of course, doesn't like to eat... like, anything - except for chocolate and popsicles!! And, I can't really argue with her!!

Feel free to check out my social media platforms for more of my musings!! ;)

Natasha’s Reviews

Healthy ageing with Integra Nutrition!

Healthy ageing with Integra nutrition! “AMPK” has been a word that I’ve been hearing more and more about in the past few years. 5’ adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase is what AMPK is! Basically, it’s the bodies master regulating switch and in supporting AMPK we support our body’s  ability for healthy...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

“... highly promising for the treatment of multiple diseases and the potential extension of human lifespan.”

The title is quoted from a paper found at titled by Louis Rajman, Karolina Chwalek, and David A.Sinclair published in March 2018 in Cell Metabolism  journal. Integra Nutrition has done their due diligence to create a bioavailable and effective supplement to boost NAD levels! But what does that mean!?...

KETOPLEX Keto Cuts for fat loss

Intelligent ketogenic solutions indeed! Keto Plex makes a formula called keto cuts and they advertise it as a ketogenic lean body optimizer, and that’s exactly what it is! I’ve  seen a lot of “fat loss “products over the last 25 years in the nutraceuticals industry and most of them don’t...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

KETOPLEX Ketosis support from all angles

Ketosis support from all angles Cleverly formulated and scientifically backed, KetoPlex provides simple and effective solutions for all applications of ketosis. The keto Plex MCT8X is a great way of getting bioavailable MCT oil with added caprylic acid for the most effective ketosis support. MCTs uptake into cells very easily...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

KETOPLEX - my choice for disease management support

Finding clean and scientifically reviewed products for supporting disease management from a nutritional standpoint is hard to do. However, Keto Plex has change d the game! They’ve provided a line of products that are easy to use and highly effective in working with disease management from a nutritional standpoint. Everything...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

I have a Love/Hate relationship with soap! Ellie Bianca brings out the LOVE!

I am a person that struggles with eczema.  I suffer from dyshidrotic eczema on my hands and "regular" eczema on my torso... whatever "regular" means! LOL!  What I can tell you, is that living with this debilitating disorder is no walk in the park. Simple things become your worst enemies...

Stimulatingly satisfying! Peri-peri NOT contrary! The new "popcorn!"

I don't want to dislike hot cuisine - trust me!! I really WANT to like hot stuff! But sadly, my taste buds and sensory nerves have a different idea... However, after enjoying - and I mean it!! I really enjoyed these little, light morsels of airy crunchiness with a lovely,...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Healing Earth - Enjoy moving again!

Looking for an amazing mineral complex that doubles as a mobility, antioxidant, immune and anti-inflammatory agent!? look no further!! lol! Healing Earth is a 100 million-year-old product in the making! It's comprised of humic and fulvic acid extracted from the cretaceous era! Humic and fulvic acid come together as a...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Digestive Care Where and When You Need It

Ever wonder when you should take your probiotics? And have you forgotten to take them!? I have! I do like a shelf-stable probiotic as I can put them in strategic spots to allow me to remember to take them - but when!? I typically will put a straight probiotic on...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Lunch and Immune Support! North Coast Naturals Immuno Whey is here!

Um... YUM! It feels good to really enjoy the ease of a really good lunch (meal/snack) that tastes good and is doing wonders for your body! What I failed to mention in my video is that this is, of course, Grass-fed whey - super important to have amazingly clean ingredients!...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Good Clean Fun! Why Bentonite Clay is coveted in toothpaste!

Ok, so as I climb this latter of mid-life, ugh, things happen to the body that I simply don't like! My teeth are more reactive and sensitive. So, I'm on a quest to find the most beneficial oral care products. I came across a dentist in my research and I...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Umami Goodness!!

EAT THE WHOLE BAG! LOL! Oh my! what a treat to eat a satisfying guilt-free snack (or in my case, lunch!!!)....not going to lie, it was one of those moments where I dumped the last crumbs into my mouth straight from the bag!! #noshame!! #betteringredients Due to the creamy density...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

She NEVER lets me forget her daily vitamins!

She NEVER lets me forget her daily vitamins! And why not eat them from a bowl with a spoon!!?? Toddlers are cute, sassy and KNOW WHAT THEY LIKE AND DON'T LIKE! Smarty Pants brings it home again and scores high with my Little! AND I don't have to compromise quality!...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Instant Flavour For Bland Soup!

You'll see that I enjoyed Rudolfs Bio Organic Carrot Spread as a dip - it was my lunch for a few days with crackers and veggies! And even my very picky husband had a second bite! Carrots can taste.....carroty! Which is something I tend to avoid - I'm a raw...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Coconut lattes to start your day!

Coconut lattes to start your day! So, I tend to put everything in my coffee if I'm trying something out in a powder form! And coconut milk powder is no exception! This was why I wanted to try this powder! #ilovecoconatura because it gives me yummy flavours and textures with...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)


Ok, so if you've been following some of my other posts on #peopletail, you'll know that I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm really an academic nutritionist vs. someone who can apply said knowledge in the kitchen!! I try...sometimes :) But, I know my strengths!! I'm extremely pleased with this...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

And that's an Oat Latte for me, thanks! ...with a side of fibre ;)

All new things that I try that come in a powder will inevitably land in my coffee!! lol! And mmmmmmmmmm - I made myself a cozy Oat Latte! Super Yum! This incredibly cost-effective, easy addition to just about anything in your kitchen creations will totally add a boost of fibre...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

TOASTED Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil! Um...... Yum!

@ecoideas  knows good flavour when they see it! Don't get me wrong, I'm a raw pumpkin seed oil fan as well, but there's just something about the flavour profile of a toasted seed (or nut) for a culinary delight! And this toasted pumpkin seed oil doesn't disappoint! Dark, rich and...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Current data on this reportedly low GI sweetener pulled from 2020 reports!

When I peruse nutritional info on the web to provide solid reviews for @peopletail to see if I can find any updated stats, I'm met with decades-old research and bloated opinions! Well, I went straight to google scholar, as today I have little patience to weed through people's opinions that...

Seawater Magnesium! Literally, Magnesium and trace minerals extracted from Seawater!

I am sharing this as myself and as your Hedley Nutritionals Product Educator! (full disclosure) And this is my review also found on LinkedIn! But I had to! This product is amazing!  I love magnesium personally and professionally. I've found that in too many instances, my clients are quite lacking...

North American Ginseng in a Yummy CLEAN Drink!

This ginseng farm, #farmaroot, is my neighbour! How cool is that!!? Stay tuned for a video from the farm! Ok, so ginseng is a great daily supplement especially in high-stress today's climate, maybe!!?? And it's even better to get a daily dose that's yummy!! I've tried the citrus Enlight...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Certified Organic Outdoor Spray for the Whole Fam.

Being able to trust a line of products that is not only Canadian but truly respects and makes decisions around their products for the protection and healing of the environment is a must. @shooshaorganic takes this very seriously and is making a difference. I like that. Summer sprays are a...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Shoosha Lip Balm! A staple in my house but not just for my lips!

Not only did @shooshaorganic make a perfectly textured lip balm that stays with you but is not goopy, it's great for cracked fingers (skin) too! With USDA Certified Organic rosemary and calendula in the formula, this becomes a lovely little healing tube that should be in every pocket, purse, bedside...
by Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)

Trustworthy, Celebrated and Functional! Flora's Elderberry Formula is a Staple!

@florahealthy has tried, tested and true products; the Elderberry+ Liquid formula is just that! Its simplicity is truly functional and all you need when you feel that tickle starting up. All three herbs found in this formula, elderberry, echinacea and licorice, have peer-reviewed studies touting their antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant and...