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Hayley Savanna

Edmonton, AB, Canada


Energetic & Passionate, Health & Wellness, Makeup & Beauty Connoisseur w/ a love for helping others 💜 Teacher. Step & Pup Mama. Artist. Baker. Product Reviewer.

Hayley’s Reviews

Clean, GREEN energy without the jitters!

NIYAMA Yoga Wellness is a brand that offers natural health supplements inspired by yoga and clean, active living. All Niyama products are vegan/plant-based, non-GMO and made in Canada. They are free from gluten, soy and added sugar, with no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Their Green Energy Pre-Vinyasa Energizer...
by Hayley Savanna

NIYAMA - helping us create good habits of hydration!

NIYAMA Yoga Wellness is a brand that offers natural health supplements inspired by yoga and clean, active living. All Niyama products are vegan/plant-based, non-GMO and made in Canada. They are free from gluten, soy and added sugar, with no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Their After Practice Replenish &...

Hemp Seed Oil - so many benefits!

by Hayley Savanna

Plant-based Vitamin D to support bones, teeth, immunity and mood!


Vegan DHA - no more fishy taste!

Please see my video review. 
by Hayley Savanna

Organic, clean and effective skincare ❤️

Please see my video above!
by Hayley Savanna

LIVA little ;)

Too much sugar is not healthy for you; for anyone with dietary restrictions or health issues, it's even worse. Enter LIVA Raw Date Sugar: it is a healthier alternative to white sugar - a natural, organic raw alternative that has nutritional benefits including fibre. It is only made with love...
by Hayley Savanna

Delicious bruschetta mini baguettes!

Friends, I really enjoyed these DACASTO organic mini baguettes! Funny enough, I hate croutons but decided to use these in place of them, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. I made a quick salad to try them out. I used mixed greens, goat cheese, apple, and pecans...
by Hayley Savanna

All-natural hand soap - gentle on hands, tough on grime!

I am obsessed with Ellie Bianca, a Canadian, women-owned & operated, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced skincare company dedicated to making all-natural beauty products that empower all women to look and feel their best because they believe that beauty is so much more than an aesthetic. Ellie Bianca created a vegan,...

A gentle on my skin hand sanitizer

My teacher hands were getting so angry, sore and cracked due to using so much crappy hand sanitizer between shopping for xmas and buying dollar store junk.  Luckily, @peopletail #gifted me #greeniche #handsanitizer and it is amazing! My hands finally had a chance to heal because this hand sanitizer is...
by Hayley Savanna

A tasty and delicious snack!

These vegan caramel karma bites were such a treat to try thanks to @peopletail and @ecoideas 💛 They are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and TASTY! I love that they only contain limited ingredients and the whole bag is only 210 calories! 😏 Popped lotus seeds come from water lily flowers and...
by Hayley Savanna

Delightful protein balls!

As a teacher, I sometimes need a quick snack as with all the updated safety protocols, I sometimes miss out on eating breakfast or lunch!  I adore snacks… especially convenient, filling, healthy and good-for-you snacks! I don’t always reach for protein bars or protein balls as sometimes they have a...
by Hayley Savanna

Quality lavender!

by Hayley Savanna

The clean you want without the added junk!

Charcoal? I was hesitant to put charcoal in my mouth (it wasn't a fad I jumped on) as I did not know what to expect but grateful I decided to give it a try! Introducing Bentodent Bentonite Clay + Premium Mint Toothpaste which combines the power of Bentonite Clay (a...
by Hayley Savanna

A salt for your savory dishes!

We do not use a ton of salt in our house, but when we do it is usually infused with a flavour and is rarely table salt.. I have been a fan of Himalayan Crystals and salt for a while now but had never heard of black salt! I was...
by Hayley Savanna

Immune Support Protein Shake!

Don't mind my wild hair in this review video - I was inspired to sit down and tell you all about it after taking my dog for a walk and having a shake afterwards as a snack!
by Hayley Savanna

It's easy to be CHEWSY about your gum!

I've always been a huge fan of chewing gum but as I grew older and the more I learned about how horrible some commercial brands are for both the earth and your body, I became super CHEWSY about what brands I would purchase and use! Thanks to Peopletail for gifting...
by Hayley Savanna

Kaley’s Kale Chips, a healthy snack!

by Hayley Savanna

Vitamins for the littles in your life!

Vitamins are sometimes a "chore" in our house according to my youngest child...a very picky yet smart little one! I have to be super creative when it comes to cooking and am able to mostly provide nutritional meals, but some days it is a struggle.  Thanks to Peopletail, I was...
by Hayley Savanna

A delicious and nutritious side dish that everyone will love!

In my house we typically eat a lot of brown rice with our meals as I have perfected the art of making it and it is well-loved by everyone. However, since cooking at home so much, my family and I have been looking for alternative side dish items that are...

A quick, healthy breakfast option for you!

Breakfast for dinner is a very big trend in my house. Last night we had the pleasure of trying Organic Vegan & Gluten-free Buckwheat Pancake Mix from Ecoideas and it was sooo easy to prepare! Benefits of Organic Vegan & Gluten-free Buckwheat Pancake Mix from Ecoideas: High Source of Fibre...
by Hayley Savanna

A nice addition to your coffee and more!

I used to drink the worst coffee with three creams, three sugars. To be honest I knew it was not healthy, but I enjoyed it that way. These days, I am down to a small amount of sugar and a splash of oat milk - a much bigger improvement! Funny...
by Hayley Savanna

A quality, versatile odorless coconut oil!

My rescue dog Milo loves to play in the snow after a good snowfall or storm. He was a stray rescued from a reserve in Northern Alberta before he was one year old, so I believe he is used to the snow because he spent a lot of time outdoors....
by Hayley Savanna

Buttery goodness in every bite!

Ecoideas Organic Fair Trade Cacao Butter Drops I am an avid baker and enjoy making my own snacks as I care about what ingredients go into mine and my family’s bodies. Lately I have been switching up the ingredients I put into my muffins and was elated to discover Ecoideas...
by Hayley Savanna