3 Things You'll Want to Add to Your Next Smoothie

March 10, 2019 Report

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Smoothies are a wonderful way to get in some fruit and veg for a meal or snack. But if you want to boost your smoothie even more, add these products to your next breakfast smoothie!

1. Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Powder: Collagen powder seems to be all the rage right now, and for good reason. Collagen is an integral part of hair, skin, and nails so this is often used for beauty and esthetic purposes. But collagen also makes up the cartilage in our joints, so it's also helpful for arthritis and for recovering after a sports injury. When I first started putting collagen powder in my smoothies, I was happily surprised to find that it also helps with digestion! This powder in particular is ground so finely that it easily dissolves into your smoothie and has no taste to it. You won't even notice it's there, even though it's working wonders for you! You can also add collagen powder to your coffee to give it an extra boost.

2. Organic Traditions Spirulina Powder: Spirulina is made from a blue-green algae. It's high in several different vitamins and minerals, and is also a plant-based source of protein. It's a great source of bioflavonoids (which help with the immune system, allergies, and cancer prevention) as well as vitamin B12, which is hard to find in plant-based foods. This is another product that blends well into smoothies and you won't taste that it's even there.

3. Organic Traditions Moringa Leaf Powder: Moringa is known to be the most nutritious food on the planet discovered thus far! This will give your morning smoothie a real boost. Moringa contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, protein, iron, riboflavin, beta-carotene, and magnesium. It's also high in antioxidants such as quercetin, which is helpful with allergies. It can also help lower blood sugar levels and manage inflammation.


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