How To Get Moisturized Skin ASAP

March 07, 2019 Report

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Few things are as uncomfortable as dry, itchy, flaky skin. I’ve always struggled with dry skin but set out last year on a mission to find some products that help give me relief.

Now, I should preface this by saying I also made sure to drink plenty of water each day and cut my hot showers out. I think for me, those were really making the problem worse so I did notice improvement from doing that (and I recommend you do the same if this is an issue for you).

Anyway, back to the products. I tried the Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Lotion in the fragrance free variety. I hit the gym regularly so am always sore so thought the added magnesium would definitely be nice. It was. If you want to help moisturize your skin while also relieving sore, tense muscles, this one is great.

I also tried and would recommend Jason Natural Products Vitamin E Hand & Body Lotion. I knew right from the start I wanted a product that contained vitamin E as that’s essential for healthier looking skin. I’ve always found that whenever I eat avocado’s, which are also rich in vitamin E, my skin looks and feels better, so this was also a must. It had a nice light scent as well that wasn’t bothersome.

Finally, one day I came across Andalou Naturals Aloe Mint Cooling Body Lotion. This stuff was amazing! I say that lightly. It felt so good putting it on. I’d say that the cooling sensation was better than the moisturing effect, but it still did the job just fine. If you want to cool down after a hot workout or day out in the sun, this is the product I’d recommend.


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Nature's Source

Nature's Source

Nature's Source

by ShannonClarkFitness
by ShannonClarkFitness

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