3 Best Cavity Protecting ToothPaste

March 06, 2019 Report

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  1. Tom's Of Maine Tom's Cavity Protection Toothpaste

Tom's of Maine, does not have harsh-whitening chemicals, but uses hydrated silica to gently scrub teeth. This isn’t really an issue with Tom’s so much as a feature of all whitening toothpastes: they only do so much. This toothpaste not just help in whitening and eliminating surface level stains, they help protect the teeth from general yellowing. With this, Tom's is one of the few whitening toothpastes whose claims have been reviewed by the ADA.

2. Flora - Auromere Freshmint Ayurveda Herbal toothpaste

Highly effective natural toothpaste, without artificial colors or sweeteners. It combines the naturally purifying and energizing properties of Neem and Peelu with 22 other barks, roots, plants and flowers that have valued for centuries for their separate and combined effectiveness in maintaining superior dental hygiene. It edge over other toothpaste is that each tube lasts 3 times longer than a traditional toothpaste. Its daily use offers a complete dental program that gently and naturally cleans and polishes teeth, tones and soothes sensitive gums, plaque buildup and tartar breath.

3.  Spry Xylitol Toothpaste

This mouthwash is sweetened with 100% xylitol to purify teeth more effectively and hydrogenate dry tissue. It contains xylitol, an ingredient that dentists have studied and highly recommended for maintaining oral health because of its unique properties. Xylitol is a sweetener that, unlike other sugars, does not promote the development of cavities and can reduce the risk of cavities. This means that the bacteria will not adhere to the teeth or gums. Since bacteria can not adhere, they cannot grow and thrive, meaning teeth will be bacterial free.


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