Alkaline Water - Balance your PH, Lose weight, be energized!

March 04, 2019 Report

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We live in a society that is full of hidden acidic foods/toxins in our food, makeup, cleaning supplies AND MORE! In order to achieve balance and remove acidity from our body we need to incorporate ALKALINE! I do this using my Santevia Water Pitcher. I simply add water until the light is green and BOOM it is now alkaline water. I make a pitcher and drink it throughout the week so I can continuously balance my PH level.

The other benefits to alkaline water are: - Weight loss - Detoxicification - Increased immune system - MINERALS!!! can use this water in anything (add it in smoothies, baked goods, or use it in your protein shake)! It is really delicous and just a necessity if you live on planet earth (so many toxins out there).

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