Top 3 Hair Conditioners Have Used

March 03, 2019 Report

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Hair conditioners are one of the most widely used hair care products in the world. This is chiefly because it serves a variety of purposes; it works instantaneously to protect hair from damage, soften and add more shine to hair, detangles it to make combing easier and can be used for any hair type.In my years as a haircare enthusiast, I have complied what I consider to be my personal top 3 hair conditioners.

1. Carina Organics Lavender Conditioner: This intricate mix of 100% natural ingredients, this day light conditioner helps to restore shine, lustre, softness and flexibility to damaged hair. It can be used daily by just applying it softly into wet hair and emphasizing on on dry ends. It has a lavender scent and detangles hair instantly. It’s a personal favorite.

2. Mineral Fusion Long Lasting Conditioner: It is made of . It is made of argan oil and mongongo seed hydrate and shield hair to prevent fading. It seals your hair with protective moisture which you can actually feel. For the environmentally conscious, this product, 100% vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, biodegradable and safe for color treated hair. It is perfect for maintain hair color and softness, it is definitely a winner.

3. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Conditioner: This conditioner which is made entirely of natural ingredients contains Aloe vera, Jojoba and Olive Oil to deeply condition the hair. For best result, massage Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Conditioner through the hair and scalp then leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.It gives the hair an alluring revitalized look.


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