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March 02, 2019 Report

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There are a lot of yoga-related products on the market and as a yoga teacher, I get asked what are the essentials? While all you really need is a yoga mat and some comfortable clothes to do yoga, there are a few tools that I find make the experience extra calming. Here are some of my favourite yoga tools:

1. Manduka yoga mat. There are lots of yoga mats on the market but what I like about this one is that it has great "grip"! It's decently thick and my hands and feet don't slip when I'm in downward facing dog. Love this mat! Plus it's guaranteed for life which makes it worth the money.

2. Manduka superlite mat. Are you a hot yoga fan? If so, you need one of these. Even the best of yoga mats will get slippery when you're dripping with sweat. This fixes that problem!

3. Travelsize mat spray. Great size for slipping it into your purse or yoga bag. I love the lavender scent - smells great (much better than sweaty yoga mat!) and is calming and relaxing.

4. Cork block. Of all of the props, I find a block to be essential to maintain proper alignment in all poses and therefore reduce injury. While some of us are super flexible, most of us aren't and could use this prop to build strength and flexibility. I like cork for it's stability and weight over foam but foam is good too.

5. Yoga cushion. These are great for raising the hips during long periods of meditation. Unfortunately, in the western world, we aren't used to sitting cross-legged on the floor as adults and that's where this comes in. Much easier to sit for longer periods of time when the hips are slightly elevated.

6. Lavender eye pillow. This is purely a luxury but oh boy, does it take savasana to a higher level! The scent of the lavender with the weight and black-out characteristic of the eye pillow make for an ultra-relaxing experience.


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by Sara Adams
by Sara Adams
by Sara Adams
by Sara Adams

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