3 healthy chocolates to try out

March 02, 2019 Report

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1. Susie's good fats keto bars mint chocolate chip: Do you ever have the feeling of wanting to take something really sweet but you can't because you are on a diet plan? Well good news because this particular chocolate is low in sugar and has peanut butter, nut butter, cocoa which are all good fats. It is gluten free and has no artificial preservative. This is your to go low carb snack. 

2. Crossfuel keto protein chocolate: This is specially designed to support your keto lifestyle. Keto dieting can be boring most times and you might need a little something to sugar it up. Crossfuel chocolate is your best bet. It can be used as a food replacement and it keeps you full. It contains about 70% of clean fat calories and 20% protein and low net carb calories, so in essence you dont have to worry about it ruining your keto plan. 

3. Giddy yoyo chocolate bar hundo: Giddy chocolate is one without sugar BUT surprisingly it doesn't have a bitter taste. Try it out and see. The ingredients include Vanilla bean powder, cert, and other organic ingredients combined to give an amazing result. Those who want a chocolate without any sort of sugary ingredients, this is most definitely for you. 


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