Best 5 lipsticks that would make you outstanding

March 02, 2019 Report

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What is a complete makeup without the application of a lipstick? Your lipstick can either ruin your entire makeup or make it pop. Choosing a lipstick that would represent well and have a sleek look should be every lady's priority when doing a makeover. I have recently discovered that lipsticks have their quality tested with time. I have so many favorites but my top 5 recommended to go lipsticks are;

1. Mineral lipstick Gem: This lipstick should have a permanent place in your makeup kit. It contains cocoa butter and avocado oil that helps to soften the lips. It has ingredients which help to protect against radical damage, such as Vitamin C and E. Application of Mineral lipstick gem leaves a smooth look that doesn't clean off in hours and most especially, it doesn't dry out on the lips. It is fragrance and artificial color free. 

2. Living Nature lipstick: Most times whenever you apply any lipstick there is a high chance of you licking off a little just by mistake. Using Living nature lipstick there are no after effects should that occur, formulated with natural ingredients with the highest quality to give a sleek and luscious look when applied to the lips. 

3. Noyah desert rose lipstick: This subtle pink shade is the right balance between a colorful and calm look. Lipstick lovers can apply this as an everyday lipstick without looking regular. It is carefully designed to give a calm look and also it can last for a last period of time. It is water proof as well to a certain degree. 

4. Almay smart shade butter kiss lipstick: Available in different shades, this lipstick gives a full coverage on your lips with a shiny finish. It causes no irritations, and can be used for everyone. If you have dry lips then you should try this out because it instantly hydrates the lips and that is a long lasting effect. 

5. Milani color statement moisture matte Lipstick: Classy occasions call for classy and quality looks. If you are looking for a lipstick with a strong staying power then this is for you. Properly designed for beginners and experts, it is effectively easy to use. It gives a very rich and fearless look and it is very comfortable on the lips. 


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