Top 4 Deodorants you need to buy in 2019

February 22, 2019 Report

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1.  Decode Deo. Stick- Lemongrass Sandalwood Body Care 85g

Regarding its application, scent and residue, Decode Deo come forth as favorites and frontrunners among deodorants. Composed of high quality natural ingredients, this highly effective formula protects against odors throughout the day. The fresh aroma of natural sandalwood with lemongrass was our top option, as it did not leave clumps, flakes or scales underarms, even on hairy armpits where goo easily get stuck. And when applied on t-shirt, Decode Deo only left a small unnoticeable streak.

If you are smell is sensitive, try the "unscented" option. Otherwise, the Decode Duo should be flexible enough for most users.

2.  Tom's Of Maine Long-Last Ntrl Deodorant Unscent Deodorants 64g

It turns out that many antiperspirants are very similar without scents that sets them apart from others, but Tom's of Maine Deodorant as scentless as it is differs as it use hops that inhibit odors to protect it from other odors for 24 hours. If you place your nose near the packaging, you may notice a waxy and faint puff, but even, it's a stretch. My closest runner-up to Decode Deo in my recommendation. What makes these products good compared to other deodorants is the production without artificial preservatives or fragrance and without any animal ingredient or testings. 

3.  Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On Deodorant -Fragrance Free 90 ml

Among my best options, three of my four main odorants, Naturally Fresh is a flower extract deodorant that does not contain aluminum. Naturally Fresh Crystal Roll-On Deodorant combines all natural ingredients to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and offers hypoallergenic protection that will not stain for 24 hours

4.  Lavilin Hlavin Foot Roll-On 72 Hours Deodorant 60 ml

Lavilin's lightly perfumed ball deodorizer not only absorbs odors, but removes them in a single application for about 72 hours. This special feature it one of my preferred deodorant as a sticks and scent longer than an average deodorants


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