Chocolate worth stealing (and hiding!)

February 16, 2019 Report

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After my naturopath told me I was sugar intolerant, I didn’t think there was much I’d miss as I’m more of a “salty” person than a “sweet” person but I realized later that it also meant chocolate. I’ve always been a fan of dark chocolate but didn’t realize how much sugar is in even dark chocolate. I’ve tried a number of chocolate bars with sugar alternatives (there are some “diabetic” chocolate bars in pharmacies and department stores) but had a hard time finding chocolate with a healthy alternative sweetener. I found one that I loved but it was only available at a specific store a half hour from my home and one bar was $8!!! Good thing I’m the type who can satisfy a sweet craving on one small square of chocolate.

Then I found Lily’s chocolate available through my favourite online retailer and decided to give it a try. Sweetened with stevia, sometimes there can be an odd aftertaste so I didn’t hold out  much hope but when it arrived it was DELICIOUS! I had wished I had ordered more than one and sadly one small square of this chocolate did not satisfy the craving. So on my next order, I ordered a few different flavours of Lily’s chocolate bars and have them strategically hidden throughout the house for those little moments when you just need a chocolate fix. My favourite flavour? Salted caramel milk chocolate! The milk chocolate is extra delicious as most alternative sweetener companies don’t make it for some reason.

After a long day the other night, I went up to bed to find my 2-year-old daughter in my bed playing with her bear… she had been waiting for me to come to bed for snuggles. I went to grab a small piece of chocolate and when I opened the package, it looked like a squirrel had got ahold of my stash… a 2-year-old human squirrel more like it! And to top it all off, it was my favourite flavour. So I guess these are also toddler-approved… hide these chocolate bars parents! You won’t want to share.


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by Sara Adams
by Sara Adams
by Sara Adams

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