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Healing Iron Strong!

February 15, 2019 Report

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When I had surgery, I had some internal bleeding and my hemoglobin plummeted. After a blood transfusion and slight increase in hemoglobin, I was told that I would likely be tired for a while and would need to replenish my hemoglobin and iron stores. I was discharged and told to take an iron supplement.

This product, Floravit is always my "go-to" iron supplement. Not only is this iron supplement super tasty (tastes like oranges!), but it is also much more easily absorbed, as it is in liquid form and combined with vitamin C. I especially like that it is vegan and gluten-free and has high-quality ingredients. While I've not had stomach issues with other iron supplements, I have been told by people who have that they have a much easier time with Floravit since it is a liquid and low-dose.

I also took Floravit when I was pregnant, as it is safe for pregnancy and babies often deplete mom's iron stores in utero (the parasites that they are... ha!) Particularly as a vegetarian, it was easy to be lower in iron.

I highly recommend Flora Health's Floravit iron formula to anyone who needs to increase their iron intake and is looking for a healthy, safe way to do so.


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