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Mushroom for your your every mood

February 12, 2019 Report

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The geniuses beind the Four Sigmatic mushroom enhanced beverages are mindblowingly genius.  They have single handedly made adding mushroom to your diet for health and wellness super accessible to all.  Drinking coffee, hot chocolate, non caffeinated superfood elixirs on the daily will boost your oxygenation capacity (think marathon runner), increase immunity, promote increased blood flow to the brain and nervous system, helps you relax or turn into a brainiac.  The coffee products are all organic and the elixirs energize without causing a crash of energy later on. Every pantry and lunch bag needs a Four Sigmatic mushroom enhanced beverage satchet so you can skip out your regular cup o joe or grapefruit juice a couple times a week on the go, at work or school.


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