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A lotion you can feel good about using 🌿

October 27, 2021 Report

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I am obsessed with these lavender lotion bars made by Upfront Cosmetics! They're made with natural ingredients such as raw unrefined shea and cocoa butter, & they left my skin feeling hydrated & soft without feeling greasy, I also really enjoy the lavender scent & they smell like cocoa butter because they are made with unrefined cocoa butter.  It's important to pay attention to not only what you put into your body food or supplement wise but also what you put on your skin, it's the biggest organ that you have.

Some of my favourite things about this brand are:

🌿Using these products reduces your plastic consumption, making it better for the planet.  I was impressed that each box replaces 3 bottles of traditional lotion! 

🌿When you purchase these lotions bars it directly helps women in Ghana (80% of ingredients are sourced from there)

🌿They plant 1 tree through "One Tree Planted" for every single bar sold on top of the tree planted for every order sold. 

🌿Made with non-toxic natural ingredients & free from Silicones, Petroleum-based ingredients, Animal Derivatives, Parabens, Sulfates, PEGs, Synthetic Fragrances. 

🌿I also found them easy to use, I just warmed up the bar in my hands & applied the lotion, they are now a part of my evening self-care routine.

🐰Leaping bunny certified

🌿 Canadian owned

The shampoo & conditioner bars are next on my list!


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A very clean vegan protein powder!

I love SunWarrior because it has really simple ingredients & I love the taste of the vanilla.  It also doesn’t hurt my stomach like some other brands have, my all time favourite protein powder!! 
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Amazing day cream!

I am loving the way my skin feels after using this day cream! I love that it’s a natural product & doesn’t have a strong scent! 
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Makes your clothing smell sooo good!

This is my all time favourite laundry detergent! The lavender scent is amazing & it really works! I made the switch to natural detergent a few years ago & will never go back! Love this brand! 
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A vegan protein that's easy to digest & tastes great!

I recently had the opportunity to try this amazing protein powder & Im loving how it makes me feel after, no bloating or tummy issues.  It tastes amazing in my everyday smoothie choices.  I find vanilla is so versatile.

Red is the new green!

Im loving adding this powder to my water & you can even add it to smoothies, it has so many benefits!  A convenient, ready-to-use superfood powder concentrate made with: Beet Roots, Pomegranates, Goji Berries, Grapeseed, Carrots, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries & Cranberries.   It gives me a nice energy boost! 
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Delicious nutty taste!

I recently had the opportunity to try this amazing grain, I made a mediteranean style salad with lots of lemon, tomatoes, parsley & freekeh! Being vegetarian I am always looking for nutrient dense foods to try.  I can't wait to try out some more recipes!
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