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Support your nervous system to improve your mind and gut connection with Rhodiola

July 21, 2021 Report

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What got me interested in HAVN LIFE Rhodiola Relief is the known support it can give for mental clarity and when someone “hits the wall” on their stress level. 

What is Rhodiola? 

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb. It is a perennial flowering herb found in higher elevations of North America, Asia and Europe.

Why I am interested? 

I am always interested in ways to support my nervous system especially from the mind and gut connection stand point, and Rhodiola speaks to me about that goal.  Being an immune modulator, Rhodiola has been shown in studies to support the bodies resilience to stress while promoting mental clarity. 

Face it, in our digital world, we expect information to be delivered at the touch or swipe. One of my constant struggle is slowing down and being more present. It gets more challenging in an age of pings and ding alert. I wanted something that may help me get over a hump during more stressful times.  

What I learned from my research about Rhodiola

Like many medical fungi, there are many benefits we can reap from Rhodiola, as it protects our central nervous system, it can help us gain better our concentration and improve attention span. Other benefits may include supporting our cardio health, reduce oxidative stress (it’s a great anti-oxidant)  help reduce chronic inflammation. For athletes, it can help with endurance and even post workout recovery. 

In each bottle of HAVNLIFE Rhodiola Relief, there are 90 supplement capsules, delivered in vegetarian capsules, gluten free, non-GMO and completely vegan.   

With recommended dosage of 1 -3 capsule a day, so this can last you 1 month or more. 

Because of the known effects for improving mental concentration, I am following the label recommendation  and avoid taking it three hours before sleep.

My experience so far

I have been taking it twice a day, 1 capsule first thing in the morning, second later in the morning to sharpen my focus and manage stress. I know that most supplements take several weeks to show effects but I have noticed slight improvement in my mental clarity already after only a short trial, hoping for more beneficial support to come. 

Along with mindful diet and lifestyle support,  I hope more people can improve their well being with Rhodiola Relief by HAVN LIFE. 

Rhodiola Relief is another one of HAVN LIFE’s  dedication in harnessing the healing power of adaptogenic herbs to support our immune system.


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