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The Ayurvedic care

July 06, 2021 Report

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Who doesn't like Natural products, specifically when it comes to your face. You obviously look for the best!!! 

I'm pretty happy that @peopltail introduced me to SOULTREE which is really famous for their Ayurvedic products and mild formulas. This specific cleansing lotion has become a staple now in my skin care routine.

It works effortlessly to clean and swipe away all the traces of dirt, pollution and makeup from my face. Really like the smell of flowers and spices as soon as it touches your skin.

Gives instant smoothness and clear complexion. I would say if anyone is struggling with dry and rough textured skin, give it a try.


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My hair loves it....totally!

Well I'm absolutely new to Ayurvedic products, have heard a lot about the benefits and how skin friendly they are but till now was using all the commercial brands/products available. Thanks to @peopletail, I have got this opportunity to try this fantastic line of SOULTREE with some really really awesome...
by Sara A.K

Does what Vitamin B12 should

Lack of important vitamin and nutritions in our body can lead to many bigger issues in long run. I was feeling a lack of energy, being tired and often felt difficult to process with my thoughts. Tests showed I have a deficiency of Vitamin B12 and so o started  looking...
by Sara A.K

Stress - Away

To start with, I have been a happy go lucky kinda woman but honestly with everything going around, I had it enough. The whole world literally shut down and now everything coming back to life !!!! I mean it's great but we are witnessing things that we had never ever...
by Sara A.K