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June 11, 2021 Report

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One of the first signs of aging on my face was under my eyes.  Not so much dark circles, but puffy and dry which brought fine lines.  I truly feel there are more lines when I'm not hydrated. 

Like every other woman in their late 40's, I've been through my fair share of beauty creams and under eye products but rarely do I feel like they are actually absorbing into my skin.  I don't like gels.  I find they sit on the skin and then my eyes look shiny the whole day.  

When I tried Lulo Organic Eye Cream, my first impression was, it's a beautiful light cream.  It has a slight natural scent, but nothing over powering, which wouldn't be great near my eyes.   The eye cream was very easy to apply, very smooth and silky and absorbed into my delicate dry under eyes, very quickly.  It didn't leave me shiny or tacky.  I actually felt moisturized.

As a nutritionist, I LOVE the ingredients.  Collagen which helps the elasticity in my skin stay firm, and the blend of organic fruit is full of enzymes that help keep my skin free of toxins which also contribute to aging.  (remember toxins include the sun and blue light from your computers) Avocado oil is super moisturizing and safe and the other ingredient I loved was coffee seed extract which I know is anti-inflammatory and helps with the puffiness under my eyes.

I have to admit, it's so soothing I also use it on my lips and my upper cheeks - the other parts I always feel are too dry.. 

I highly recommend you try Lulo!


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