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A Protein Powder with All The Things 🙌🏻

April 27, 2021 Report

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I like to stock a variety of ‘superfoods’ and adaptogens in my pantry. I add them to my smoothies and boost my baked goods with them. But if I’m being honest, not only do ‘all the things’ take up a bunch of space in my pantry, they are pricey and I  find myself stressing about the expense of replenishing them.  

North Coast Naturals has become one of my all time favourite brands!  Their products are so thoughtfully formulated and a ton of enthusiastic and careful research is behind each and every one.  

North Coast Naturals Boosted Immuno Whey + Protein Shake Mix is no exception.  Remember all those things in my pantry, well no need to pull them out when I have this powerhouse on hand.  In addition to a full 20g per serving of highly bioavailable and digestible clean protein, North Coast Naturals has included 'All The Things"!  Gut health enhancing, shelf stable probiotics, vitamins A & C, and magnesium help support immune function.  Spirulina, loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, may counteract a weakening of the immune system as we age.  A whopping six organic adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms which also support the immune system, some brain functions, and have anti-aging properties.  Antimicrobial and anti inflammatory support via turmeric, spirulina, cinnamon, and whey peptides.  Panax Ginseng (also an adaptogen) for energy and immune support. And lastly, a prebiotic to stimulate the immune system.  And wow, do we ever need all that gut health and immune support right now!

As if that wasn't enough to convince you, North Coast Naturals Boosted Immuno Whey + Protein Shake Mix is all natural, Non-GMO, has no artificial colours or sweeteners, and it's gluten free. Proudly Canadian, North Coast Naturals products are produced in their GMP facility (Gov't regulated Good Manufacturing Practices quality assurance program).

Now, I enjoy using this boosted protein in my smoothies, but I also regularly add (read 'hide ' lol) all this goodness in my baked goods.  I have been baking for many years, love it, and frankly, prefer baking to cooking. For me, it's easy and relaxing.  But I recognize this is not everyone's reality.  Aside from my platform here and on social media, I am an RMT.  I work primarily in rehab and nutrition is part of all my treatment plans.  Food can be your best friend or your worst enemy when you're trying to heal.  Many of my patients are accustomed to eating ready made foods and are really intimidated at the thought of not only preparing foods and baked goods from scratch, but managing the expense of all the extra  ingredients their bodies would so benefit from.  I can share endless 'easy' recipes, but too many won't have the motivation, time, energy, or budget for them.

So, lets get really real today.  Instead of baking from scratch, lets take a step back and zhuzh up ....... a packaged baking mix. 

I chose a package of Quaker Low Fat Oatmeal Muffin Mix.  Am I in love with all the ingredients?  Not entirely but, they're also not evil and often on sale at my local grocery stores.  So, how do we healthify/zhuzh up this mix?  With North Coast Naturals Boosted Immuno Whey + Protein Shake Mix of course.  Because, it's really an all-in-one.  It has 'All The Things'! 

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

Empty entire mix into a large bowl.  Add 2 scoops North Coast Naturals Boosted Immuno Whey + Protein Powder in chocolate or vanilla.  Optionally, also add 2 scoops North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse.  Add 1C semi sweet chocolate chips or raisins (also optional, but honestly, chocolate is a must have for me lol).  Add water, as per package directions.  Bake as per package directions.  I make the whole batch and freeze a bunch for later.  If you don't have the freezer space, make a half batch.

That's it!  The muffin mix plus 1-3 ingredients and water.  Doable, delicious, and nutritious!  Enjoy!


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