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Venswell Versatile Seamless Face Mask

April 12, 2021 Report

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Venswell seamless face masks are very versatile and also serve as multi-functional headwear too. They may3be worn many different ways such as: bandana, beanie, hair tie, neck gaiter, headband, head wrap, wristband, face mask, magic scarf,  neckband, neck warmer, armband, wrist band, and many more. The fact that they are seamless is an additional bonus by far being that they provide such comfort, and are made of high quality microfiber which is soft on your skin, while making them feel breathable without that smothered feeling.

They will protect your skin from the sun on hot days, while making you feel cool at the same time, and give you warmth in the winter  The size is 18.5" L x 9.8" W with a highly stretchable circumference of about 20.5"-24.5 ". The best part is that they  are suitable for men, women and children.

They give you so many patterns, as well as different themes that you can choose from. which are all so stylish, full of energy with many beautiful colours. They come with 9 per pack depending on which series you choose.

So give them a try!


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