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Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo & Fava Flour

January 31, 2021 Report

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Do you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity? can't eat regular flours? this garbanzo & fava (also known as chickpea flour) is a great alternative! its a bit denser then regular flour and makes for a great chickpea omelette/ pancake/waffle. 

Garbanzo flour is rich in vitamins and minerals, its packed with fibre and protein and is more nutrient dense compared to standard flour. It can also affect blood sugar levels less, compared to wheat flours due to containing half the amount of carbohydrates.

Its often thought for more  savoury dishes, i made a chickpea waffle and topped with veggies and a tahini sauce (see recipe below!). But it also works great in desserts too like chickpea flour banana bread or even brownies!

Recipe for Chickpea Waffle

2 cups garbanzo/chickpea four

2 cups water

2 tblsp extra virgin olive oil

Green onion chopped

Bell pepper chopped

salt to taste

In a large bowl mix together all ingredients for the waffle until smooth. Let it sit for 30 minutes as it will thicken. Preheat waffle maker and when its heated pour in some of the mixture in and close waffle iron, leave to cook for 10 minutes or until cooked. Repeat with the rest of the mixture. Makes 4-5 waffles. Top with any veggies you like and some avocado! 

To make the tahini sauce:- 1/2 cup tahini, 3 tablespoons tamari, pinch of salt, teaspoon onion powder and a splash of water, blend all together until you get your desired consistency. 


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