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All Natural and All I Need!

January 04, 2021 Report

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Ellie Bianca never ceases to amaze me with their health and beauty products and their all-natural liquid hand soap is another product that is so easy for me to rave about! These plant based soaps are perfect for a world where we are constantly and excessively (for good reason!) washing our hands. I always get incredibly dry hands in the winter time and have noticed that they have been even drier than usual this winter season due to the constant use of hand soaps and hand sanitizers. Ellie Bianca uses a 'softening formula' which is ultra-hydrating and wont increase your skins dryness!

Aside from being plant based and handcrafted with the finest ingredients right here in Canada, this incredible blend is also phthalate free, paraben free, sulfate free, GMO and cruelty free! Phthalate is known to irritate the skin and strip away its protective barriers, parabens can negatively affect our bodies natural functions if/when they are absorbed through our bloodstream, and sulfates are a known skin irritant. I am grateful that Ellie Bianca takes the time to look into the ingredients that they are using in their products to ensure that you are only applying things that are good and safe for your skin!

We have been using this soap in our house for a few days now and both my husband and I are so impressed. The soap is the perfect consistency and is easily lathered onto the skin. We opted to try the Morning Cocoa scent and we were not disappointed. The fragrance is subtle yet the hints of a morning cup of cocoa are prominent and inviting. The soap is effective at cleansing your skin while at the same time being gentle and moisturizing. Ellie Bianca always uses the finest ingredients and 80% of the ingredients in their hand soaps are ECOCERT approved! Some of their star ingredients include Aloe Vera Leaf Juice - moisturizes, softens and calms dry skin, Sodium Lactate - increases moisture retention in your hands, and Chamomile Botanical Extract - soothes your skin and calms your mind. Thanks to these powerful ingredients you will find that your hands are hydrated and soft after using. 

The product packaging looks so gorgeous on my bathroom vanity and I love the beautiful aesthetic it adds. My normal dry winter skin is not irritated or worsened by using this soap and my hands look and feel much more moisturized and smooth. Ellie Bianca hand soaps promote a healthy skin microbiome that protects against infections by managing impact at a cellular level. COVID has made all of us worried about bacteria and infections and I am so thankful that Ellie Bianca products protect me and my family at all levels. I look forward to trying the other scents of their soaps. 


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