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Tanshine Artificial Sunflower Bouquet - Beautiful, except for the green additions

October 19, 2020 Report

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I find faux flowers are always expensive and these are a really great value given how many flowers you get in the 'bouquet' and the quality. Ordering faux flowers online always gets them a bit squashed, unfortunately. The one thing I didn't like and the reason for removing a star, is the green decorations amongst the sunflowers are much brighter and uglier than shown in the pictures. They also shed a lot. I think it'd be better without them.

When buying fake flowers I always clip them into individual stems and re-arrange them and that's my plan here as well, though they are nice enough to use in one, I just prefer to make my own designs. They have quite a long stem so if it's a short vase you'll need to bend or trim with Wire cutters.

I was really impressed with the look of the flowers. They use a high-quality, silky fabric that is very pretty to look at. From a distance they look pretty real and up close they at least look lovely, if not totally real! The leaves are also silky, which makes them look more artificial, but also looks nice.

Given the high price point of fake flowers in store, I think these are great value and great looking, I'd just remove the green heather style flowers!


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