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Boost your energy levels with this natural caffeine alternative

September 17, 2020 Report

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Farmaroot created an energy drink that is the holy grail for a power boost if you're looking to limiting your daily coffee/espressos, and need it done naturally and effictively! Coffee sustains high cortisol levels (your bodies stress hormone), and leads to insomnia, indigestion as well as being overall acidic to the body. SO with that said, if you can make the switch.. DO it!

What makes this drink unique is the amount of ginseng that's in it - 500mg. No other ginseng beverage i've seen is that high and there's no complaints about that! Not only does it give you a natural boost of energy but being an adaptogen, it helps our body maintain and regulate its reponse to stress. In other words, when your body is exposed to a stressor it will go in 3 stages - alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Adaptogens will help us stay in the resistance phase longer holding off the exhaustion and inevitable crash. So it doesn't make your less stressful, it just gives our body a better ability to soldier on and power through.

Also an added bonus is that it contains both bioavaible forms of vitamins B6 and B12 and these nutrients also help sustain energy as well.

I love the blueberry flavor and carbonation, it feels like i'm just drinking a can of pop! All in all its a 10/10 and me and my boyfriend just bought 10 more cases haha :)


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