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Apple Slim is great for weight management, glucose management, inflammation and more!

August 26, 2020 Report

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I've had the privilege of trying Apple Slim from Certified Naturals. My main reason for wanting to try this product is because of the two ingredients it is made with.

Apple phenon which is a proprietary blend that is made from unripe green apples grown in Central Asia. Apparently we would have to eat 18 ripe apples to get the same amount of polyphenols.  

Human scientific studies have been conducted using this proprietary blend for things like weight management for visceral fat and overall weight management,  glucose control, etc.

The second ingredient is green coffee bean extract which has been used to curb cravings.

This synergistically works together to help balance triglycerides and manage cholesterol which is exactly what I am trying to do right now. 

The recommended dose is 1 capsule before each meal.  As well as cutting out sugar, getting regular exercise  keeping hydrated, getting enough sleep and eating mindfully. All these great tips are included in the paper insert and Apple Slim is approved by Dr. Gifford Jones, MD.

I love that I feel way less hungry and fuller for long periods of time due to it regulating my blood glucose levels. This is causing me to eat less without feeling hungry.

Also, I love that it acts as a prebiotic improving my gut flora. So important! 

Since I have elevated LDL right now, and I am trying to lose visceral fat so my cardiovascular system will be healthier, I believe this is a great product for me to be using right now.

I am allowing myself at least 12 weeks to see any improvement. 

Unfortunately when I was camping for 8 days last week, I never ate healthy and missed a few doses but I'm back on tract to my healthy way of life.

I can't wait to order more of this product.

I like that the polyphenols mimic a calorie restricted diet by inhibiting enzyme activity in lipid and glucose receptors too.

Just what I need right now.


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