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Never disappoint your body and mind with Kinwa

August 25, 2020 Report

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I love food !!! Who doesnt love food??!!! But we always look for the healthiest choice and try our best to reduces fats and carbs down from our diet. Sometimes you cant find time to cook healthy meals everyday, or taking a prepared meal with you to the office to keep your mind  connected to this eveil world haha you need to eat and what else is better than these multi flavored kinwa bars, oh!! Did I say kinwa?(quineo) !!!

Kinwa these small magical unprocessed grains, full of proteins, fiber and nutrients are the super star of the healthiest food these days and are being mixed with everything that is calling itself healthy and nutritious.

What do you think of a protein quinoa snack bars mixed with oranges, dark chocolates, coconut, and that magic delicious drooling combination of  the apple and the cinnamon? 

I am not talking about the successful taste and how you will really adores every bite and wish it doesnt end, nor about the fruit and the chocolate essence that blow your mind.

I couldnt find a beautiful satisfying healthy protein bar that it is so tasty like kinwa bars I always was forced to swallow proteins bars that tastes like iron and perfume yes perfume !!

Now , at work I enjoy my snack which in fact makes me feel fuller for a long time , a healthy snack, full of proteins, fiber ,vitamins and most important is free of all the allergic food that may cause allergies, I can safely send it with my daughter to school and she adores the coconut one , she adores everything that is falvoured with coconut and she can stop smelling it haha.

The orange and chocolate bar is such an invention, the orange sweetness has beaten the darkness of the chocolate , it melts in your mouth and you will adore it.

The apple and cinnamon bar is a smart alternative for that fatty apple cinnamon pie that you always make excuses and you buy it pretending that you like the apple and cinnamon smell out from the bakery now you can substitute it with these healthy bars and the cinnamon and apple pie smell will stick in your mind.

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