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Year Round Immunity

August 22, 2020 Report

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In our family we don't wait around for cold and flu season to hit before we try to strengthen and build up our immune systems. It's a year round thing. Especially during these unprecedented times where a second wave of Covid is almost guaranteed, we don't want to gamble with our health. 

Flora's Organic Elderberry+ Liquid Formula helps to maintain a healthy, functioning immune system and assists in flighting any onset symptoms that may occur. An organic blend of echinacea, elderberry, and licorice make up this immune boosting powerhouse. 

If you've had elderberry syrup before you'll be surprised at first to see this one has more of a liquidy consistency. I've been putting it in my evening teas and it gives them a mild, fruity taste. There is no added sugar and it is gluten-free. The bottle indicates many dosing options; whether you're trying to maintain or fight something off. 


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