1MORE Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

1MORE Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

July 20, 2020 Report

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As someone who has switched to purely using wireless headphones in recent years, I was surprised to find these headphones were actually very comfortable despite having a wire and a band which connects them and sits on the back of your neck. I’m still not a huge fan of the look, as it’s much more obvious than a small pair of wireless headphones, but comfort-wise there’s no problem unless you hate having something on your neck.

The active noise cancelling (ANC) features seem to be a big selling point for these headphones, even though nothing on the product box or in the manual does a good job of actually describing what the ANC is supposed to do. Basically there are two levels of ANC you can toggle between: level 1 is what I call “light” noise cancelling, where most background noise is tuned out but you can still hear louder sounds. This is ideal for commuting, as you wouldn’t want to miss an emergency announcement or someone shouting while walking to work or taking public transit. Level 2 is “heavy” noise cancelling, and basically filters out everything. This is great if you really need to focus, such as when you’re working at the office or at home. In both cases the ANC does a good job working as intended, though it’s not quite as good as the ANC you might find in over-the-ear headphones.

Sound quality was very good, no static and good bass. They work just as well watching a movie as they do listening to your music, with no issues at all. The headphones were very comfortable in my ears even for hours at a time (and they have various earbud sizes you can switch in) and the back of each earbud has a magnet which allows them to sit together rather than flopping all over the place when not in use. The carry bag is also very useful if you want to store the headphones somewhere while on the go, like on your way to work, and the bendable nature of the band that sits on your neck makes it very easy to fold up the whole headphone unit and store it in a small place. Having a USB-C charging port is another big plus for me, as it’s MUCH faster and reduces the number of devices in my house still relying on old micro-USB cables.

My biggest problem with these headphones at first was the Bluetooth connectivity, which would disconnect or skip very frequently when connected to my phone. After a few days I was very frustrated with how serious the connection issues were, until I saw someone else online with the same problem talk about the need to download the 1MORE app and install a firmware update to the headphones. I didn’t see anything about that at all in the manual, but sure enough that’s exactly what I had to do. Once I downloaded that update everything was totally fine, but before that they were borderline unusable.

Overall these headphones are a good match if you don’t mind not having wireless bluetooth headphones (and many people don’t prefer those), but make sure you find and download the firmware update or they may be almost unbearable to use.


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