Lebby Chickpea Snacks: not your ordinary battle.

Lebby Chickpea Snacks: not your ordinary battle.

July 09, 2020 Report

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For my family, being both a Mom and a Nutritionist is kind of a double-edged sword when it comes to snacking. I’m always looking at their choice of snacks/candy and (to their dismay) always informing them of what the ingredients are, what they mean and what it does to the body. I have three kids – two tweens and one teenager. I have to choose my battles wisely and, let’s face it, sometimes I get it right and sometimes it’s a total waste of time and effort. I have learned that as long as they are generally eating healthy whole foods, I have to let a lot of what I can’t control go.

On the other hand, I still like to look for healthy alternative snacking options. If my kids are willing to try new things, which 9/10 times they will, then that’s a win for us all. This week, just before a movie night, I introduced them to Lebby Chickpea Snacks. Alarm bells went off a soon as they heard the word “chickpea”. Chickpea is not a snack. Chickpea is not tasty. Chickpea is not fun. Chickpea belongs with hummus. And really, who can blame them (we were all sceptical).

We all tried one single morsel and our eyes collectively widened. Hmmn…no chickpea taste…. actually, more like a wafer with chocolate around it…yes, YES! THIS is a great treat!

And just like that, they were gone. Devoured actually. A small package with a little more of a handful was just enough. It satisfied our sweet tooth yet there was absolutely no guilt in what we were consuming. The wafer-like consistency was due to the presoaked and dry roasted process which contains no oil, salt or additives. All ingredients are non-gmo, gluten-free, and vegan with four different flavours. We tried the dark chocolate and loved it. Beet sugar is the only sweetener used and quite frankly, I’d take that any day over refined sugars from other processed treats. This is as whole food as you can get when it comes to a packaged snack and definitely worth a try.

I’m not even sure who wins this battle.


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