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renew actives moringa leaf

July 01, 2020 Report

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I've been buying from renew actives for a few months and trying alot of their supplements and im pretty happy with the quality of their stuff.

This is a cost effective way to get your antioxidants.

I noticed im less tired and more alert, I also feel less irritable in the mornings.


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Tastes like pizza

Our family loves pizza. We eat too much pizza. I was looking for a lighter and "healthier" alternative. I was unsure how my kids would react to the pizza considering the crust is red.  They loved it. It tastes great. The crust is crispy and super thin. The only con...
by Tatiana Qu

Purple shampoo that works

Biolage purple shampoo is now my favorite purple shampoo for a few months now. It's very pigmented. It has kept my hair from going yellow or brassy. Since using it I have not needed to go to a salon as often. I was constantly going in for toner because it...
by Tatiana Qu

Natural deoderant

This deoderant works.  The scent t is mild and I find it works for both men and women.   I've been trying to use products that are more natural especially for under arms. It neutralizes odor and is free of Aluminum It goes on a bit greasy bit dries up quickly....
by Tatiana Qu

Fresh and ready quick

I've been receiving hello fresh for a few weeks now. Our family has enjoyed the recipes and conveniance of not needing to do grocery runs. There is a wide variety of recipes every week and if there is nothing to our liking we just skip that week.  We also like...
by Tatiana Qu

Smooth hair protection

This argan oil thermal shield I'd wlvery light weight.  It's not greasy or sticky. I spritz my hair while it's still damp prior to blow drying it.  I noticed my hair has a smoother finish and my hair is silkier too.
by Tatiana Qu


I have been taking these supplements to help boost my immune system.  It's hard to enough of all the foods out there in order to get you daily antioxidents.  I have noticed an improvement in my hair and nails as well as my skin. I dont know if it is...
by Tatiana Qu