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July 01, 2020 Report

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I’ve used Spa Luxetique Soaps in the past and what always stands out is the beauty of their gift packaging. Spa Luxetique’s Hand Cream Gift Set, in the same vein, has lovely packaging. You can send this directly to someone or buy it and gift it as is. It looks nice enough to be a sweet and thoughtful gift.

If you want to get more bang for your buck, you can divide up the soaps and hand creams for a bunch of individual gifts to people who you normally wouldn’t get big gifts for. They are also great stocking stuffers or extra pressies. Put one with a pair of socks or gloves and you have a cute gift!

-----------------------Effectiveness-----------------------When it comes to effectiveness, both the hand lotions and the bar soaps do a good job, but it depends on what you want in a lotion or soap. The Spa Luxetique hand creams come in six different scents, with two bottles of each. The bottles are 30ml each, they are not tiny, but not large sized either; on the upper side of small.

The texture of the lotion really appealed to me. It’s a medium consistency, not too runny or thick, but it absorbs very quickly and easily and spreads well. It doesn’t feel sticky, but quite velvety. It’s good for regular skin, but might not be strong enough to tackle extremely dry skin. I have normal skin and found my hands were softer and more moisturised when using the Spa Luxetique hand creams.

The scent of these hand creams don’t wallop you about the face, they have a subtle yet pleasant scent. If you prefer a punchy, strong scent, you won’t love these. For fans of gentle scent, it’s a great lotion. I believe it is an artificial scent. Here’s what each one smells like:

Rose: Smells a lot like Turkish Delight (Rose flavoured sweets), with a more realistic Rose scent that isn’t overly perfumed.

Lavender: This has a nice Lavender scent. While Lavender is not my favourite, this smells more like real lavender (though I’m sure there’s added perfume, just like big brands) and isn’t overly sweet.

Almond: My least favourite in the pack. It wasn’t unpleasant, just quite faint and didn’t have an identifiable smell like the others.

Cherry Blossom: A lovely sweet, floral scent. Perfect for those who like a girly scent, but also very calming for some reason.

Green Tea: A little dull for my tastes. I expected zesty and zingy, but it’s a bit leafy and light.

Ocean: Always my favourite. Smells like ‘ocean’ scent usually does. Fresh and watery smelling, if that makes sense.

Vanilla: A subtle vanilla smell. Vanilla sometimes gives me a headache, but this one doesn’t.

The Spa Luxetique 3-in-1 Bar soaps can be used as a soap, shampoo bar or bubble bath. I find they are too drying on my hair to use them as a shampoo bar full time (a problem with shampoo bars that aren’t extremely hydrating), but I enjoy using them in the bath, so I don’t have to bring multiple bottles with me. The soaps come in nice little boxes and are always vacuum sealed.


The quality is great here. They have a mid-end feel, but they definitely feel pricier than they are. That’s another thing that makes them great gift options. The box and design of the bottles are all very cute, while still looking professional. There wasn’t any spillage or leaking.

The only part that feels a little low quality is the sticky stuff holding the bottles into the packaging. You can take those off if you desire, before gifting it, it’s not a big issue.


At $26.99 (at time of review) the Spa Luxetique Hand Cream Gift Set is an absolute bargain! Whether you plan to use it yourself, or give it to someone else you get a great looking set of effective hand creams with a range of scents and two soaps. The hand creams are perfect for travel and can even be used individually as small gifts.


The Hand Cream set is exactly the quality I expected from my past experiences with Spa Luxetique. It’s a great gift and there’s some fantastic smells in there.


+ Range of scents.

+ Highly suitable for gifting.

+ Pretty Packaging.

+ Lovely scents.

+ Great consistency, spreadability and feel on the hand creams.

+ Great value.


- Might not like all scents.

- Bar soap can be drying on hair or skin for some people.

Recommended: Absolutely! I would be thrilled to receive this as a present!


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