Fresh and CLEAN!

June 29, 2020 Report

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My family has slowly been moving towards using natural products around our house. We use essential oils, reusable cloths, glass jars, and we're reducing plastic and one-use items.

Cleaning products are difficult because I feel that sometimes dirt and grime NEEDS a chemical to really clean...or does it?

Live Clean Multi Surface Cleaner Apple Cider Vinegar is the one I've been searching for! It has a great clean scent from the vinegar and botanicals. Plus it actually CLEANS! No streaks, just shine and clean squeaks.

If you have used all natural cleaners in the past, you know what I mean when I say sometimes it's more about the elbow grease than the cleaner itself. Not with this one. I've used it all around my kitchen and bathroom and I am so pleasantly surprised.

As we continue to replace old products with new, cleaner, and better products for the environment and our own health, I would encourage you to consider Live Clean. I feel really great about using it with my family-and letting my kids clean the bathroom with it!


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The Ultimate Superfood!

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts are my absolute favourite food. I eat them everyday, whether it's in my smoothie or oatmeal in the morning, or in a salad, soup or yogurt parfait. I love how I can digest so much fibre, plant protein, and healthy fats from one product.
by Seanna Thomas

The best jam-and it's Canadian!

I know all jams contain sugar, but Crofter's JUST FRUIT jam is sweetened with concentrated fruit juice, making it 100% fruit. If you're going to have jam, this is the one. Not to mention it's run by the same family that started it years ago and it's made right here...
by Seanna Thomas

Chips that contain protein? You bet!

We all love a good chip, and this one really satisfies. Not only do they come in a range of flavours, but they have the crunch to keep you happy, and the protein to keep you full! Win-win!
by Seanna Thomas

Red is the New Green!

Don't get me wrong-I love my greens, but they're a bit of a harder sell when it comes to my family. But this superfood? The kids will drink their vitamins with no coaxing whatsoever-and I'm right there with them! It's delicious, easy to drink, and so so good for you!
by Seanna Thomas

Not right for me...

With very fine hair, it is difficult for me to use a serum that doesn't weight it down. While I love the ingredients in this product and the delightful scent, I think my hair is too fine to use it. I think this would be perfect for thick or curly...
by Seanna Thomas

Meaty Meal...without the meat!

As a Nutritionist and Mom of three hungry kids, I'm always looking for ways to reduce the amount of meat we have in our lives for multiple reasons.Jackfruit has aleways been on my list of meatless options to try but it definetely takes some time and effort to make this...
by Seanna Thomas