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Great for soothing stubborn Eczema!

June 28, 2020 Report

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The Shoosha Eczema healing balm is a protective balm that helps to relief skin irritation (eczema, dermatitis, etc) and helps to restore the skin's moisture which as you all know, is the NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT thing to do to treat eczema! This balm works wonders at restoring chapped, cracked and rough skin while also providing relief from eczema, rashes, itching, etc.

I've tested this for about a week (twice a day) on a stubborn patch of rough skin on my eyelid and guess what? It is now GONE! I've tried many moisturizing products for months, and nothing worked. So i'm super impressed by this Eczema healing balm!

It comes in a tube (kind of like a glue stick) and super easy to apply: just twist and dab, no mess. Perfect for taking it on the go. 

Using only organic food grade ingredients, I feel super safe applyng this liberally all over my face if needed.

There's also a version of this protective balm formulated for babies and kids, so my son can use this too if his eczema flares up. 

You can buy this directly from the Shoosha online or also. Love this!


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