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Planet Friendly Gum

June 28, 2020 Report

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I used to chew gum...a lot..... until I realized how terrible it was for my teeth and then...the environment.

Did you know most commercial gum that you chew is made from PLASTIC!!!!! Back in the old days, it was made from sap from trees but after the war chemists figured out how to replace natural rubber with plastic (polyethylene and polyvinyl acetate....ya in your mouth)

Other chemicals in gums can include petroleum, lanolin, glycerin, petroleum wax, stearic acid, or latex.  As it's plastic it doesn't bio-degrade another reason why those black marks on the sidewalk (gum) never really go away! (Hence why gum is banned in Singapore) 

So this company CHEWSY decided enough is enough!  

Here is a list of everything CHEWSY is (including delicious)

  •  Vegan 
  • From from sugar and aspartame using xylitol for healthier teeth
  • It's plastic / chemical free
  • It's biodegradable so it's better for our planet
  • Naturally, plant-based
  • No artificial flavours

And the flavour lasts.  Normally I lose interest in my piece of gum within minutes, I've been chewing this piece for 30 mins now and the fresh mint flavour is still going strong.

It doesn't hold it's shape 100% in your mouth, I suppose because it's NOT PLASTIC and it IS a bit stickier, so when you blow a bubble it will stick to your lips...but come's good for the planet so get over it!

HIGHLY recommend this amazing gum!!


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