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A Smart Vitamin for Smart Kids

June 24, 2020 Report

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I have very happy kids in my house when vitamin time comes, they never let me forget. This kids formula multivitamin from Smarty Pants hits all the marks for a kids vitamin. I think every parent worries that their children are getting a well rounded diet especially when kids can go through picky eater stages. This gives me peace of mind that my kids are getting enough vitamins and nutrients everyday. Being plant based we have to make sure that we are getting enough B-12 and Omegas so this makes that easy for us. My daughter has a dairy allergy and these are also free from all the top allergens. I'm not going to lie I have snuck a few and they are seriously delicious, nothing like the vitamins of our childhood (chalky cartoon characters ick!) I would defiantly recommend these to any parent out there. 

These Smarty Pants Kids Complete Vitamins are made with premium ingredients like Omega 3 EPA, Vitamin D3 for strong bones and Vitamin B12 for energy! These are made with ingredients that are specially formulated for kids that their bodies prefer and contain no artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours or synthetic colors. They come in 3 colors Orange, Strawberry Banana, and Lemon and they all taste amazing. I wish I would have known about this company before as my kids love these vitamins and they have so many great products available. If you are wanting to ensure your kids are getting the right amount of nutrients pick up a bottle of these today. 


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