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June 22, 2020 Report

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Product: Healthology Pain-FX Joint Formula 

 Actual Conversation with My Husband –

Husband: The weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful!

Me: Mostly, but it is going to rain at least a little.

Husband: I just saw the weather report. It said sunny, no rain.

Me: Well, my hips are calling for some rain.

Husband: Oh, okay. Your hips don’t lie. (*Cue Shakira.*)

It’s true. Since I was a kid, I have had a mild case of bursitis in my hips that will sometimes flare up with incoming damp weather. My track record of accurate weather predicting would shame most weather reporters. I can literally estimate how much rain or snow we will get by the intensity of ache. It is actually kind of bizarre.

Bursae are little, fluid-filled sacs that serve as cushions for bones, tendons and muscles around our joints. When these become inflamed, we call this bursitis, and it can be influenced by climate changes. Living in Canada with our flip-flopping weather days, flare-ups occur more than I would like. I am grateful that my pain is mostly limited to a dull throb or ache, but there have been times when the pain has woken me up at night. I have most found relief with a heating pad or hot water bottle as I loathe taking any NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Though heat can soothe, it does not fully remove the discomfort. Once the poor weather arrives, things resolve on their own but sometimes not before it comes at the cost of my comfort and sleep.

This past weekend, we had rain and humidity and I was feeling it. NSAIDs are an absolute last resort (I try to never take them) but this time I had a new bottle of Healthology Pain-FX Joint Formula. If I was going to give this new-to-market product a test run, being in the middle of a bursa ache was the time to try it.

Pain-FX is an herbal pain relief and inflammation reducing formula - where there is pain, there is inflammation. Inflammation is actually our body responding to discomfort by inviting blood to flood the area with nutrients to begin repair of that site. With antioxidants included in this product, the promised result is three-fold: 1. Pain sensations are reduced. 2. Inflammatory production is halted. 3. The body is defended against inflammatory damage.

I like that I can take Pain-FX as simply as any other analgesic product – up to twice a day with water, with or without food. They are curated with a solid science-backing and by a Naturopathic Doctor. In fact, all of Healthology’s products are supported by up-to-date research and care is taken to ensure best potency, purity, and efficacy; they consistently meet and exceed Health Canada's good manufacturing practices. 

Okay, but did it really help alleviate my pain? Let me first confess that I did feel the early twinges of aches but did nothing about it. Once they became louder than my ability to fully concentrate on what I was doing, I reached for the Pain-FX. I took 1 capsule and continued with my tasks. At some point not long after, I realized that the intensity had dwindled to almost nothing. I actually stopped for a moment to pay attention to the pain level, and it was barely discernable. I did not even have to take a second capsule that day. Like an eraser, Pain-FX had rubbed out the aches; it also had worked rather quickly. I was genuinely pleased and impressed. 

Things to note: There is no child-proof cap on this; keep out of reach of kiddies. Each bottle has 60 average sized capsules. Cautions are on the bottle under the main label; peel back to read all warnings before use. It has a long shelf-life to 2023. The ingredients are all natural, 100% non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free. 

Move over NSAIDs, there’s a new boss in town. I will be keeping Healthology Pain-FX Joint Formula on hand for my future run-ins with dismal weather. Hip, hip hooray!


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