BlinkOne Alphabet Bead Set

June 12, 2020 Report

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I’m a voracious crafter so these BlinkOne’s Alphabet Bead Set was extremely appealing to me. The Acrylic beads would be perfect for a multitude of crafts or for parents, teachers and youth leaders. There’s a fantastic range of styles on these craft beads and you can mix and match or just pick one dedicated style. I tested them out by Bracelet making, but you could easily use these on embroidery or glue them onto a card or other projects.


There’s a wide range of circular and cube shaped beads here, so you can go wild with a funky mixed design or stick with just circle or just square. The set also includes letters and some really adorable love heart beads. The BlinkOne beads were a fantastic surprise. Often when you order from 3rd party brands things can arrive and be poor quality, but that wasn’t the case here at all.

BlinkOne’s Alphabet beads were perfect and I mean, spot-on perfect. Every bead was finished to a great standard. There was no overfill, malformation or flaws whatsoever. The holes were perfect with no scratchy edges and no issues. The cubes have a really large opening so you can use them with thicker string, while the discs have a narrow opening designed to fit the included elastic.

Since it includes elastic, everything you need is ready to go, which makes it perfect for parties or multi-kid households. The elastic included in this kit is thick, not overly stretchy or too stiff, it’s simply perfect; like the rest of the kit!


There’s fantastic value in this BlinkOne Acrylic Alphabet Bead Kit. The letters have beautiful, bright colours and with the range of designs and quality, I really can’t find something to complain about. There’s a great range of letters and numbers.

Since it’s only $23.99 (at time of review), I feel that’s more than reasonable.


This is a great letter bead kit for anyone on any budget. It’s a brilliant price, top-notch quality and is very easy to create adorable bracelets or use in other crafts. If I had to nitpick I’d say that you’ll need your own storage if you don’t want to reuse the sticky plastic bags, but they are reusable if you don’t want to store them elsewhere. The Acrylic Alphabet Beads don’t take up a lot of room and if you’re like me you never run out of craft storage! (It just spills out into the rest of the house!)


+ Perfect Quality, not a single flaw.

+ Totally uniform beads with two sizes of opening.

+ Bright colours and a massive range of designs.+ Lots of beads included for a low price!

+ Elastic is good quality and included!


- Literally nothing, these are amazing!

Recommended:100%! Great price, great quality, a brilliant set from BlinkOne.


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