Whole food supplements VS Synthetic supplements, the winner is whole food supplements. See why. - Peopletail

Whole food supplements VS Synthetic supplements, the winner is whole food supplements. See why.

May 28, 2020 Report

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I love whole food supplements.  I was recently introduced to Samuraw Organic Complete which is a whole food vitamin, mineral supplement containing 21 different vitamins and minerals made from real plant based foods plus an addition of 5 billion probiotics.

I love the fact that it is made with natural,  organic foods and there are no fillers or binders,  and no artificial flavors in it.

Samuraw Organic Complete comes with a small scoop so that you can easily add it to your glass of water or juice or smoothie. I prefer to mix mine with just water. It has a veggie kinda taste that I like. Kind of reminds me of parsley and cabbage,  only better. 

I love knowing that I am fueling my body with natural foods that my body can absorb easily and the way Mother Nature intended.  

There are so many synthetic vitamins and minerals on the market right now. If they don't say that they are made with whole foods, then they are artificiallly made in a lab using chemicals claiming that those chemicals are identical to what you would find in food naturally. Your body just doesn't absorb synthetic products the same way as it absorbs whole food. Anything derived from whole foods is always a better choice. 

I'm not a fan of artificial anything including the artificial colors and flavors that are used in alot of synthetic vitamins and minerals listed as non-medicinal ingredients, etc.

You won't find any "non -medicinal ingredients in Samuraw Organic Complete. Matter of fact you will only find nutrients from organic whole plant based foods like apple,  carrot  kale, beet, spinach, green cabbage, parsley, tomato, blueberry, raspberry,  strawberry, acai berry, acerola berry, alfalfa grass, moringa, red reishi,  maitake, shitake,  pumpkin,  sweet potato, sunflower seed,  kelp, chorella and 5 billion probiotics. These foods are so rich in antioxidants that protect your cells from free radical damage too.

You can recognize and pronounce every ingredient in this product and your body will utilize them optimally. 

Our foods are so highly processed now and by cooking them, we destroy alot of enzymes and nutrients are lost when we freeze them or bake, or boil them not to mention having to worry about pasteurization or travel time getting from other countries to our stores or markets.

Nowadays, it is recommended that pretty much everyone supplement with a daily multi vitamin, mineral, and greens formula. As a holistic nutritional consultant I highly recommend this product to any adult looking to optimize their health.

When you use natural whole food supplements like SamuRaw Organic Complete you are giving your body what it craves. Real nutrition!

And for those of you with children  they also have a children's formula available too!


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