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Smart Swab® Great Idea, but will it catch on?

May 28, 2020 Report

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Smart Swab® is an amazing idea... until it recommends to discard used tips instead of cleaning them..... I will say, when I contacted them to ask if I can reuse the tips, they got back to me fairly quickly! And, they did say that I could wash and reuse once, but it wasn't' recommended.

I was initially under the impression that Smart Swab® was created to reduce waste, however, the more I look at the info, the more I understand that its main function is to reduce or eliminate the risk of damaging your precious eardrum with impacted wax. Kudos to that!! But, it would be nice to be able to reuse a tip for a, I tried it!

I noticed that the tip does break down after a while... I think I used (and sanitized!) the same tip 3 times before I noticed it breaking down.

I was comfortable doing this because I did not retrieve much ear wax at all! I felt like I needed to go back in with the dreaded cotton swab!! I know, I know - don't put anything smaller in your ear than your elbow...but honestly, cleaning your ears does feel magical!!

I will continue to use the Smart Swab® because of its positive impact on our ears and I'm hoping that my canal will adjust to this new approach to excess wax removal.

And I also know that our ear wax is there for a reason and perhaps without removing too much, I will maintain my natural protection and barrier intact. Or so I hope!

I'm not going to lie, I will probably go back to the too-small swab that we're all used to from time to time!


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