Ashwagandha: An Adult Security Blanket

Ashwagandha: An Adult Security Blanket

May 26, 2020 Report

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"Wellnessly speaking", adaptogens are making a huge mark on the health community these days. In short, adaptogens help the body adapt and cope with stress. When under stress, the body will resist until 1. the stress is resolved or 2. until our body no long can cope, and we experience a “crash”. If the stress isn’t resolved, the body will use other resources which may deplete the body. It is therefore crucial to find a balance in order to cope properly.

We in the health industry call this a “fight or flight” response where the body’s sympathetic nervous system is activated to the sudden release of hormones from the adrenal glands. This results in an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing.

We can’t get rid of stress. It is all around us and at times, we need this fight or flight response in certain situations. But when the body experiences copious amounts of stress and stays in fight or flight mode, the results can be serious.

There are many herbs and supplements which can have a calming effect on the body, help to manage stress and bring those adrenal glands back to balance. Ashwagandha in particular is an herb widely used in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine centered around holistic healing systems. It has been used for centuries to reduce stress, increase levels of energy and improve focus. For those with chronic stress, depression or anxiety, Ashwagandha is a key component for its stress reducing properties. AOR has an Ayurvedic series of supplements and GANDHA-600 has been my go-to for a long time. As someone who has suffered from anxiety most of my life, I find it remarkably helpful when used over time. I notice reduced chest tightness as well as a significant decrease in my cortisol levels. Moreover, I find GANDHA-600 particularly useful in the early evening where it not only reduces my anxiety, but also helps with insomnia. By lowering my fight or flight responses, I am calm enough for my mind to shut off and therefore achieve a better night’s sleep. I think of it as a nice, cozy "security blanket" supplement.

For these reasons, AOR’s GANDHA-600 is a must-have supplement if suffering from high amounts of daily stress. It is an easy, effective and safe way to improve stress and quality of life.


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