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May 21, 2020 Report

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The Green Beaver Company is a leader in Natural Body Products. This Canadian company was launched in 2002, with the goal  to create non toxic natural body products that are safe for everyone and the environment.  The Green Beaver Company products are free of toxic parabens, chemical fragrances, aluminum and other harmful chemicals that are standard ingredients in many conventional body care products.  

The Green Beaver Company started with natural soaps and have been steadily expanding their product line to include all natural aluminum free deodorants , toothpaste, body lotions, lip balm and most recently Antiseptic Spray Hand Sanitizer. 

The Green Beaver Company Hand Sanitizer Spray contains Ethanol 70%, effective for killing viruses but also has glycerin for moisturizing. The peppermint and orange essential oils give it a refreshing non chemical smell. 

It sprays on so light with absolutely no stickiness. It’s travel size fits conveniently into your purse or jacket pocket, it is great to know you are covered when soap and water are not an option. 

During this intense time, it is so exciting to know you can be safe and clean without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals all the while doing Mother Earth some good as well.  Thanks again to The Green Beaver Company for another amazing product!


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