A must-try Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

May 17, 2020 Report

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As a Skin Nutritionist with an obsession for holistic beauty, two major things I look for when choosing a skincare product is making sure it is free of fragrance and is suitable for my normal to dry skin type. 

Only after 3 washes, the enzyme-based Timeless Prescription Cleanser is now my favourite cleanser of all time! For a cleanser, it surprisingly does not make my face feel dry once it is rinsed off. Instead, my face feels hydrated and smoother. I have never spent so much on a cleanser before but this was a splurge I do not regret.

The key is to splash the face with lukewarm water, pump ½ tsp into your palms into a lather, then massage all over the face for a good 30 seconds to 1 minute before rinsing off. There was a tip I learned from a medical aesthetician to let the cleanser sit on the face for another 15-30 seconds to further allow the enzymes to do its thing.

What makes this cleanser so special is that it is pH balanced with a plethora of AHAs + BHAs, which are your skin’s best friend in tackling dead skin cells and gently exfoliating them off to reveal brighter & smoother skin. As a multi-faceted cleanser which I now call a “wash-off facial treatment” it is suitable for all skin types since it provides moisturization, soothing and smoothing properties.


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