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May 14, 2020 Report

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Grabbed this off Amazon for $19.99! Awesome offer too, if you LOVE it they'll send another one! FREE! Score! This stuff is amazing! Super light, leaves the skin feeling refreshed, soft, helps skins elasticity, reduces lines and wrinkles! Doesn't break out my skin, leaving it flawless🧖🏻‍♀️ Too be honest it kind of smells like lemon/orange cleaner lol but the scent is so light it's not a bother. The consistency is like water, absorbs very nice. Manufactured in sunny Southern-California 🌞🌄

•Professional strength Vitamin C

•Retinol helps fade age spots and discoloration; increases collagen production

•Hyaluronic Acid •Ferulic Acid and super antioxidants ✨No harmful chemicals

✨No sulphates ✨No parabens ✨No synthetic fragrances ✨No artificial colorants ✨Pesticide-free ✨Organic ingredients ✨Gluten free ✨Cruelty free🐰



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Mosturizing primer

Smash box vitamin glow primer is AHHMAZING! With vitamins B, C and E it leaves my skin so refreshed, soft and glowing!!! I really love this primer, keeping me well moisturized and perfect for underneath my makeup. It also smells fruity like oranges🍊 Pretty citrusy and light☁️🍊🧡🧡 I recommend this...
by Sara Ricci

Biore nose strips!

WARNING* GROSS PICTURES AHEAD* I must say, I was always skeptical about pore strips but this one really gets them blackheads out! I REALLY love that it also has witch hazel! Good stuff! Try it out for yourself! I would recommend and I will be purchasing these strips from now...
by Sara Ricci