Baby's Sensitive Face? This Might Help!

May 13, 2020 Report

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My little one started scratching her face more (probably due to itchiness) ever since she started developing eczema.  Her skin was already naturally dry from birth and of course, eczema doesn't help.  Drug store brand lotions haven't proven itself to be working, so we turned to some of our favourite baby stores and mommy friends for help.  

I came across this Baby Lip and Cheek Balm from Substance Baby by the Matter Company.  It's handmade in Canada with certified organic ingredients which are geared towards soothing irritated skin, including eczema.  It goes on quite smooth on your baby's skin and leaves a light calendula scent (also a prime ingredient in soothing eczema skin - double win!)  After using it on her face every 3-4 hours, or whenever it becomes dry again, we noticed a great difference.  Her skin was no longer inflamed in red, plus she was started to scratch less because the balm has provided her with skin relief.  

My only problem with this product is that it's quite pricey for a small container, and it's not easy to find even in Vancouver.  Only some of the larger chain baby stores in Vancouver carries it, or it's available for purchase online too.  

I love that this brand is handmade with love and that they choose only the best, certified organic ingredients so that even if my little one scratches and gets a bit on her hands, I'm not frantically trying to wipe it off her fingers before she stuffs them into her mouth.  It's safe even if they taste it because it's all natural!  

I'll definitely be looking into some of their other products that include the same ingredients that will provide better value for the amount of product in its container :)


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