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Organic Gentle Detox your body will love!

May 10, 2020 Report

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The Curatea Detox has been wonderful for my body. I use one tea bag a day and now I feel I have more energy. This 100% Organic tea has helped my digestive system and my skin is looking better also. I really like that one container is a one month supply for me of 30 bags and that the tea bags are good quality and don’t leak bits in my cup.

The taste is one of the best I have tried for a detox tea. Not to bitter with a light natural flavor. The package suggests boiling the tea bag for 5-10 minutes, I prefer 10 minutes to get all the flavor. The smell is quite nice, you can definitely smell all the natural plants and it’s a great holistic approach on a natural detox. I drink the tea on its own without any sugar or milk because I don’t want to add in any unhealthy ingredients.

The benefits of all these natural plants is quite impressive and will surely give your system a good flush. There is 3 medicinal ingredients all with amazing benefits to our body:

·       600mg- Arctium lappa aka Burdock Root grows like a weed and is a natural anti-inflammatory which can help with pain and swelling. It also is an antioxidant and can protect your body from toxins that can cause cancers, heart diseases and cell damage. Burdock Root has been used for many years to detoxify and treat circulation for cancer, anorexia, gastrointestinal problems, bladder infections, and so much more.

·       300mg- Althaea officinalis aka Marshmallow plant is my favorite ingredient for the issues my body goes through. It has had an important place in human culture for a millennia with all it’s wonderful properties. It can ease stomach ulcers, diarrhea, constipation and can even repair the mucous membranes in your respiratory tract, stomach and urinary tract. This amazing plant can flush your system to cleanse your bladder and kidneys as well.

·       600mg- Taraxacum officinale aka Dandelion is those annoying yellow flowered weeds that are just popping up in my grass right now. I never knew how good they can be for you. Dandelions are high in vitamin C to boost your immunity. They can increase your appetite, relive constipation, control your blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and reduce your cholesterol. I have seen it before in weight loss supplements because the natural properties of this flower can aid in weight loss.

This Curatea Detox tea comes in a tin container and is a nice one to keep after your done to store spices. My container has an expiry date of 2022 so this tea will stay good for a couple years in your cupboard. The labelling is nice, you can read the front label easily although I feel the rest of the font is too small and may be hard for some people to read with poor eyesight.

Since this tea is all natural with high milligrams there is cautions and warnings for certain conditions that will contraindicate. Such as if you have edema, diabetic, kidney or liver disorders, high/low blood pressure or allergic to the daisy plant family. You don’t want to detox your body to fast and it’s always best to start slow.   

I really like this tea and will defiantly get some more! At 29.99 it’s only a buck a bag for a natural effective detox. It has given me much more energy every day and has no side effects. Especially with the Covid-19 happening I will continue taking it to help better my immune system. This is a great tea product, can’t wait to try the other kinds from Curatea.


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