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Super Handy Coffee Boosters!

May 02, 2020 Report

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These cute little bottles are super compact, easy to use, and tasteless! They are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and keto so you can rest assured knowing that they will not compromise your diet. I love how easy to use they are; just 2 squirts is all you need and I've been putting it in my coffee every morning. The bottle is small but it will last you about 10 cups of coffee which is a lot!

The energy booster is great for when you have a long meeting, drive, or workout. This has been super helpful for me these days as I have been using this time at home to get my packing done! I have a big move coming up! My quarantine has been filled with long days of boxes and heavy lifting. This energy booster certainly helped me through it.

The vitamins booster is a simple way to get the daily vitamins you need and that most of us lack. I don't know about you, but I HATE swallowing huge vitamin pills every day. They make me feel super nauseaus and I have trouble getting it down. Again, this product helped me a lot.


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