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Alluring looks made easy!

May 01, 2020 Report

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I was excited to try the Pantene Perfectly Undone Sugar Hairspray from their new Waterless Collection. As I have been limiting my use of heat tools lately and washing my hair less I was excited to bring some health and style back to my dry and wavy hair on my non-wash days.

The Perfectly Undone Sugar Hairspray comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle that is beautiful and unique; the combination of gold, pink and white looks stunning on my shelf. The fragrance of this hairspray is pleasant, light and subtle with hints of blackcurrant and jasmine. 

I was excited to see that this hairspray has zero parabens as I tend to stay away from products that contain them. It does contain Sugar, pro-vitamin B5, amino acids & vitamin E. I love that this hairspray adds texture and volume to my air-dried hair for a "I just woke up like this" look. I like to use it on zoom-meeting days to calm the frizz and add some life to my dry, wavy locks. I have been pleasantly surprised that it has not left any sticky residue and it dries quickly. All this easy look requires is a quick tousle of my hair after spraying the product leaving a textured, voluminous, easy hairstyle. It is so quick and easy to do!

I have been highly recommending this hairspray to others for use on their tousled/easy hair days, especially for use when they need to be presentable for those quarantine selfies, zoom calls and porch deliveries. I will be purchasing this hairspray again and am interested in trying the other Pantene products. 


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