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Pain be gone, shoo

April 30, 2020 Report

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Dealing with pain whether temporary or chronic can be stressful and debilitating. Some pain come and go naturally and some just don't stop. Like exercise or workout can cause temporary pain in muscles.  Long term pain like joint pain is much more harder to deal with.  This is one of the things that can lead to prescription painkillers dependency.  Even incessant use of OTC painkillers is detrimental to the health in the long run. 

This is why topically applied pain relief gel and solution are really needed.  There's many out ther but I like this best because of it scent and the natural ingredients . It contains peppermint oil,  eucalyptus oil,  menthol and camphor.  It's effectiveness is very appealing as it starts relief fast. It has a roll on applicator so it can be applied without getting it on your hands. 

I really recommend this for anyone who has muscle or joint pain,  it works naturally 😉


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Improved skin texture

I love this moisturizer, it is my main staple in my skincare routine.  I  use mostly at night as my bedtime moisturizer so it can work longer.  Since using it I have seen a  visible difference in my skin and even the feel of my skin.  The texture and consistency...
by Nkiru Odunukwe

Gives a refreshing feel

I got sample of this ask and tried it and am hooked.  My oily t-zone has been tamed. I use together with the mattifying clay face wash. I can use my hydrating moisturizer and primer, without worry that my face will be oily in 3 hours. 
by Nkiru Odunukwe

Not too rough or sharp

First warning, this is not for people with nut allergies! I love this walnut based scrub, for its ingredients, which are soothing and calming.  The  walnut granules are well rounded and not coarse and sharp. The aloe and bamboo extract help soothe and calm as you scrub. It leaves no...
by Nkiru Odunukwe

Easy to swallow and no awful taste

I do need to manage pain on my body, almost daily and I  find this to be one of the most effective painkillers that are non opioid. It works fast and is easy to swallow.  This is a huge factor for me as I hate pills and will readily take...
by Nkiru Odunukwe

Tasty and effective

This is my all time favorite lozenge,  not just for the taste but also the simplicity and effectiveness of its ingredients.  Before I discovered Honibe lozenges I used to just brew my own cold and sore throat remedy and it includes all the ingredients in this lozenge.  I boil hot...
by Nkiru Odunukwe

No scalp irritations

I color my hair once in a while and I am very picky with what hair color products I use.  I  like the Feria line because of it bold bright colors,  also it didn't give me any irritations on my scalp.  I did do a little  patch test on my...
by Nkiru Odunukwe